5 Non-Rose Romantic Flower Gifts for Your Sweetheart

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5 Non-Rose Romantic Flower Gifts for Your Sweetheart

Beloved of all flowers, the rose – with its timeless beauty – deserves to be called the ultimate flower of love. The rose’s enduring beauty and elegance along with its symbolic personality makes it the most popular flower in the world. Similarly, the stereotypical gesture of sending roses to pledge love or convey romance will never fade in popularity. Be that as it may, people are now looking for romantic flowers other than roses so their romantic flowers can deliver a bigger and more unique impact.

So to help the non-conformists in their quest for alternative romantic flowers to impress their partners, we’ve listed our top five dreamy blossoms that can be excellent substitutes for the passionate rose.


5 Non-Rose Romantic Flower Gifts for Your Sweetheart - carnation

Celebrating your first wedding anniversary? Pick a bouquet of lush carnations to mark the occasion. Signifying young yet passionate love, the gorgeous carnation is the perfect flower to honour your wedding vows once more and celebrate your first year of marriage.


5 Non-Rose Romantic Flower Gifts for Your Sweetheart - hydragnea

A bouquet of fancy hydrangeas flowers can beautifully express the love you feel for your sweetheart. This dreamy blossom that’s loved by many brides is a long-lasting flower that can represent emotional intimacy, gratitude, and grace and beauty. Hydrangea is considered as the fourth wedding anniversary flower. Say “I love you” in the most charming way by sending some hydrangeas in bright pink, purple or blue.


 5 Non-Rose Romantic Flower Gifts for Your Sweetheart - jasmine

Symbolising beauty, love and sensuality, the jasmine flower is an unconventional romantic flower choice that’s guaranteed to be received with delight. The cluster of tiny white blossoms come with a heavenly fragrance that leaves a feeling of warmth and sensuality. If you want to send a romantic bouquet that will truly leave a mark, a fragrant arrangement of mixed blooms with jasmine would be the best choice. Remember, smells ring bells. Because jasmine is commonly used in different body care products like lotions and soaps, your fragrant flower gift will be remembered once the recipient’s odour memory is triggered by a purchase of a jasmine-scented product. 


 5 Non-Rose Romantic Flower Gifts for Your Sweetheart - magnolia

 Magnolias have long been associated with gentleness and femininity because of its extremely attractive appearance and fragrance. Large and vibrant yet soft and delicate, magnolias seem to exemplify the true feeling of being in love, too. This beautiful blossom can easily setup a romantic atmosphere. Though available in a variety of colours like mauve, peach, pink, and purple, it is the white magnolia that is extremely aromatic.


5 Non-Rose Romantic Flower Gifts for Your Sweetheart - orchid

Graceful, delicate, luxurious – it is impossible not to impress your woman with this non-traditional and exotic flower. This showy blossom that represents love, strength and beauty perfectly represents how you see your partner and your relationship. Buy a large bouquet of pure red orchids to demonstrating your blazing love and admiration. Another stunning choice would be a live orchid plant that will give beautiful flowers year after year.


What a delightful and informative post! I never realised all the subtle romantic meanings and stories behind different flowers. The elegant orchid sounds simply perfect for a upcoming special date I have planned!
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