All There Is To Know About Peonies

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All There Is To Know About Peonies

You may be unaware of this but peony flowers are in fashion at the moment therefore making them one of the most popular and loved flowers. They are loved because of their enormous colour comma their beautiful Aroma and generally because they have a huge amount of petals per bud. The biggest problem with peony flowers is that they are only in season for a very short time during the year and Australia doesn't tend to import too many.

All There Is To Know About Peonies - medicine

For Medicine

Historically speaking and waited for the emergence of modern day medicine and medical techniques, peony flowers will have been used all throughout the world, but particularly through Asia and Europe, to treat all types of unusual Medical conditions. They happened to possess some unusual healing qualities, for example peony flowers were used to treat migraines, they were used to treat breathing disorders like asthma and other respiratory problems, and they were even used has a pain relief substance when mothers-to-be were in labour.

Of late like the last few years that is the owners have been particularly popular as gifts for birthdays and anniversaries, they are one of the most popular flowers on Pinterest if you didn't know. But long before that there have been many historical myths that have surrounded the peony flower. One of the most common of these is that the peony is the main flower of a famous Greek God who happened to be a doctor/physician.

Oh, And Those Colours

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Peony flowers come in some of the most outstanding colours that our eyes are able to see, in fact peony colours come in just about every colour except dark blue. Some of the most common colours of peony flowers are pink, maroon, purple, teal, white, yellow, blood orange, and romantic red.

The most commonly requested colour of peony flowers happens to be pink, although we're pretty sure you would have guessed that colour. But apart from its romantic tones the pink peony is the flower that also happens to be the most highly scented.

Peonies symbolise…

Peony flowers are one of the most requested flowers for regular occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, but they also happened to be the most popular flowers at weddings too. The likely reason for this is that historically they have been recognised as symbolising wealth, good luck, and long life, making them perfectly appropriate for a special wedding day.

Apart from only being available at certain times of the year, peony flowers are still immensely popular. From our experience though they seem to be extraordinarily popular, as discussed above, for Weddings and in particular, Mother's Day and birthday occasions. It's worth noting that if you're wanting to order flowers for a sympathy or funeral type occasion we would advise against ordering peony flowers.


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