June Wedding Flower Tips

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June Wedding Flower Tips

Have you ever wondered why June is a popular month for a wedding? Well, the sixth month of the year was named after Juno - the Roman goddess of love and marriage. It was thought that those who tie the knot in the month of June would be blessed with a happy married life. A more practical reason would be June being a time when flowers bloom and are ready to be picked making them readily abundant to be used for such a big celebration. Likewise, June being the start of summer offers the most convenience; summer is the nicest and safest weather of the year, after all.

If you’re considering a June wedding, we’ve got some winter wedding flower tips for you to take note of. If you are planning a wedding a little deeper into winter please read our post of August Wedding Flowers.

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Take Inspiration From Your Venue

Wildflowers aren’t exactly the right flowers to adorn a 5-star hotel’s formal ballroom. Getting married on a garden or a vineyard means keeping your floral décor to a minimum. Choosing to have a destination wedding implies that your flowers will largely depend on local availability and that they will last longer if sourced from a local florist. Also, are you planning an indoor or outdoor wedding, this will also dictate possible what flowers to choose.

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Book Your Wedding Florist Early

Of course, you first need to carefully select the flower provider you’ll do business with. Ask for recommendations from family, friends, and newlyweds you know. Read reviews and don’t hesitate to set appointments with the florists on your shortlist. Remember that these must be done about a year before your target wedding date. Florists get booked fast especially during summer and even in winter, especially in warmer climates in Australia like Byron Bay or Port Douglas, so act extra fast and schedule florist-booking on your wedding to-do list early.

Prepare a Mood Board

We know you know the look and feel that you want for your big day and your floral designers will appreciate if you can share it with them in a more concrete manner. Providing your florist with a fabric swatch of your wedding gown, a photograph of the bridesmaids’ dress, a photo of the floral centerpiece design that you like, and swatches of your color motif would be very, very helpful. It’ll be easier to execute and deliver the style you prefer if you have actual (tangible or visual) sources of inspiration to offer. Remember to be open to substitutions and modifications, nonetheless, especially when it comes to seasonal flowers. Pinterest has some amazing Mood Board inspiration ideas.

June Wedding Flower Tips - build a vision board

Choose Comfort Over Style

Like in all things, it’s best to choose something that you’ll be happy with and can forget about than something that’ll keep you looking trendy yet make you feel so conscious. Having said that, it’s best to avoid a large bridal bouquet that’s too heavy to carry if you’re a petite lady. Certain flowers like lilies look really pretty and would look lovely in a wedding but skip it if you have allergies. The strong scent of stargazer lilies might just make you sneeze non-stop. Pollen-laden sunflowers must be avoided by allergen-sufferer brides, too. Your best bet would be orchids, roses, carnations, tulips, ranunculus, gerbera daisies, hydrangeas and many others.

Benefit From the Language of Flowers

Yes, blooms have a language of their own. Make your celebration of love more personal by selecting symbolic flowers. The lily of the valley, for example, signifies purity and happiness. Daffodil is for new beginnings, irises for faith, pink carnations for gratitude, calla lily for magnificent beauty, chrysanthemums for wealth and abundance, freesia for innocence, rose and tulip for love and passion. On the other hand, there are certain flowers that carry some negative messages and they’re best avoided if you’re feeling superstitious. Marigold is said to denote grief while larkspur connotes infidelity. Yellow rose depicts jealousy and yellow carnation means disdain

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Wedding Flowers Budget

This is guaranteed if you love flowers and flower décor is one of your non-negotiables. You can still spend just the right amount of money on wedding flowers if you’ll be open to thoroughly discuss your needs with your florist. During the first meeting, inform your florist of your maximum budget and work from there. Remember that wedding flowers are not just about your bridal bouquet and the centerpieces. You do need to also consider the altar flower decors, boutonnieres, cocktail table flowers, flower arrangements for the aisle, and floral décor for the entire reception venue. Our save tip: let your bridesmaids carry a posy. This way, your tight budget can accommodate your perfect bouquet plus simpler, smaller, and less expensive bouquets for your bridesmaids.

Extra tip: You may want to request for a detailed proposal from two or three florists in your short list to get an idea on what kind of flowers you will need and how much it will cost.

Choosing your flowers is one of the most exciting parts, and the most challenging too, of planning your big day. It isn’t as simple as you think it is but it is surely worth your time. You’re lucky if you can find a hands-on, patient, and passionate florist who can help you. But as you search for the perfect florist partner, we hope that these tips can guide you in picking the best flowers for your wedding.

We’re sending our best wishes in advance to you our dear June brides. Happy wedding planning and wedding flower shopping!

First published 15.6.23, published again 14.5.24 with new and updated imagery and some minor tweaks to content.


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