Top 6 Rose Varieties to Grow in Your Garden

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Take your love for roses to the next level by making them a mainstay in your very own space. By planting roses in your garden, you’ll get to enjoy their exquisite beauty, distinct scent, and romantic charm not just for a week but for an entire season. Some roses bloom twice annually and some even flower several times in a year. 

Roses come in many types and there are robust, easy-to-care-for, repeat-flowering varieties that will thrive in Australian soil. Here are our six exceptional rose varieties popular for their beauty and hardiness.  

Wollerton Old Hall Rose

An English shrub rose, this stunning climber has a few thorns and a very fragrant scent. The Wollerton Old Hall Rose certainly won’t disappoint. It has plump buds that open to large cupped flowers in a softly fading apricot-to-cream hue. They flower throughout summer and into autumn, too. 


Iceberg Rose

Pure white flowers, repeat flowering – what more can you ask for. The Iceberg Rose is a popular rose variety with all-white double blossoms that flower continuously all season. If given the right warm climate, it can flower for up to 10 months. 


Buff Beauty

A hybrid variety thriving in the southern states of Australia, Buff Beauty is a tall-growing and attractive climber perfect for arches. This popular rose shrub has a strong tea-rose fragrance and produces over 40 petals per flower. 


One of the earliest rose species cultivated from its origins is the Gallic or French Rose. These are cold-tolerant, shrubby, and showy roses commonly seen along roadsides. Gallica roses are loved for their compact and dense growth and their fragrant full-shaped blossoms. The flowers’ colour range from pink to maroon-red. You can even find some with striped variations. 


The Rosa gallica ‘Cardinal de Richelieu’ has a deep violet-purple shade and a medium bush height. The clear pink and beautiful Rosa gallica ‘Duchesse de Montebello’ truly appears like a royal with its elegance and fragrance. Then there is also Tricolore de Flandre with a white base streaked with purple and light crimson, with a tight button-eye.

Fearless Rose

A true stunner. This hybrid tea rose boasts an intense, fiery orange colour. In the 2009 Australian Rose Trial Garden Awards, this variety received a Bronze Medal. It has a light and sweet fragrance, leathery foliage, and brilliant orange flowers that bloom almost year-round.

Victoria Gold

This award-winning Australian rose has ruffled blooms in small clusters and in a vivid golden-yellow colour. A Floribunda, this rose variety is perfect for compact spaces as it only grows to a maximum of 90cm in width and height. Each stem will generally have up to seven blooms, with dark green foliage that makes a wonderful backdrop to the rich yellow rose blossoms. This variety flowers in spring and can bloom again until early winter. 

These are just six rose varieties and there are so much more for you to choose from. The six we’ve mentioned are worth selecting because they’re pretty, hardy, and repeat-blossoming (except for the Gallicas, which they make up for with their strong scent). 

Plant any of these six carefully chosen rose varieties in your Australian backyard and get to literally stop and smell the roses whenever you want to.

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Roses: A Garden's Timeless Treasure

The enduring allure of roses extends far beyond their fleeting bloom in vases. By planting these exceptional varieties in your garden, you invite a season-long spectacle of color, fragrance, and beauty. Whether you're drawn to the classic elegance of the Wollerton Old Hall Rose, the pristine charm of the Iceberg Rose, or the unique hues of the Gallica, each variety promises to transform your garden into a haven of floral delight. Embrace the joy of gardening with these hardy, repeat-flowering roses, and enjoy the luxury of nature's finest at your doorstep.