Christmas Carols Flowers

Christmas Carols Flowers

What is your favorite Christmas Carol? Christmas songs are truly powerful when it comes to making us feel the sweet breeze of Christmas Day. Adding to the joyful tunes of your Jingle Bell Rock or Santa Baby is our Christmas Carols Flowers.

Think about musical notes represented through each flower variant. This is how you would like to sing a Christmas carol to someone who is far from you but you would like to send you holiday greetings to. Christmas Carols Flowers is a set-in-a-box declaration of a Merry Christmas with matching beauty and fragrance from red roses, white lilies, and red carnations.

If you feel like you have not given enough attention to your family back home especially your Mum, this is the right moment for you to express your desire to just be back home, sipping hot chocolate by the windowsill while your family cherishes the Christmas moment with you. It’s ok; you can always come home to a holiday affair through flowers.

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Feel the flowers, feel your family this Christmas with floral creations delivered by Lily’s Florist.



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