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Uncover the vibrancy of Australia’s floral wonders with our Floriade Bunch. An aromatic blend of colours that soothes the senses, this gorgeous bunch is your introduction to floral delight. Ready to explore your flower affinity? Start your fragrant journey today – order the Floriade Bunch!

Vase not included.

' Amazing job esp staff from start to finish. Would use Lily's Florist again. A beautiful huge bunch of flowers arrived on time. Bigger and more beautiful than expected for the price. The service from start to finish was excellent and the staff were good communicators.' Source: Feefo
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An Ode to Australia’s Floral Diversity

This bunch of flowers is a personification and reflection of Australia’s incredible floral diversity. Held within your hands is an aromatic testament to our country's varied, vibrant botanical treasures.

A Palette of Pleasure for the Senses

Our dedicated team of partner florists has ventured far and wide, selecting the most colourful and captivating flowers to compose this delightful bouquet. These flowers have been curated not just for their visual appeal but for their soothing and pleasurable fragrance as well.

Transform Your Perception of Floral Delights

The Floriade Bunch by Lily’s Florist is the perfect gateway for those who have not yet fully appreciated the beauty and joy of florals. With each flower exuding unique fragrance notes, you're invited to embark on an olfactory journey. You may even discover your own ideal flower in the process!

If you or the person you are sending flowers to is a lover of pink flowers be sure yo check out our entire range here.

Complementing the intrinsic charm of our Floriade Bunch, we recommend acquainting yourself further with the world of flowers through the enlightening article "5 Pink Flowers for a Blushing Garden" on Flowers in a Flash. Understanding the symbolism and elegance of pink blooms could enhance your appreciation of the bouquet and may even inspire you to nurture such blushful beauties in your own garden. Remember, every flower has a story and unravelling it can be as delightful as the bouquet itself.

Vase not included.


Excellent. Always great and delivered on time. Order ref: 509922
Efficient and delivery exactly what was shown on the website. It was a seamless process & the receiver of the flowers loved them. Order ref: 458954
Very satisfying experience. Beautiful flowers, delivered when requested, at a reasonable price. What more could you want? Order ref: 391103
Perfect flowers delivered on time. Order ref: 386195
Fast service, good prices, nice to talk to. Helpful on the phone, good selection of flowers. Order ref: 303290
The colourful flowers and smile on the balloon gave my daughter and her ten months Seth pleasure and great fun Delivery was good. Order ref: 295773
Excellent service and communication up to date when the advertised flowers were not available because of season. Replacement flowers were just as lovely as advertised. Order ref: 293103
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