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Flower Gifts Unlike Anything Else

This selection of flower gifts features bunches and arrangements all prepared with care, by hand. Each floral creation is composed of our florist’s choice of fresh and vibrant blooms. Expect each arrangement, bouquet and bunch to be truly one-of-a-kind.

Our Florist’s Choice flower gifts are your best bet when looking for a present with a distinctive look, with an exclusive appeal, and an unrepeatable design. These special designer-made floral gifts are also the perfect option when you just can’t decide which floral design to choose or when you’re unsure which flowers your recipient will like.

One Of A Kind Bouquets and Flower Arrangements

Trust our florists’ experience, creativity and passion for their work and you’ll be impressed to see what their hands can do. Using the freshest flowers on hand, they will prepare a lively ensemble of blossoms that has the perfect balance of simplicity and visual impact.

As they create each bouquet and box or vase arrangement by hand, they of course consider the timeless rules in flower arranging. You can count on our flower experts to use proportion, scale, unity, emphasis, rhythm, and balance correctly. They apply the design principles of shape, form, line, color, contrast, texture, size and space to craft a floral display that’s artistic, dramatic, and expressive.

Our florists are also updated on the latest floral trends and can prepare both traditional and contemporary flower arrangements.
So, don’t worry. Let us make your online flower shopping a wonderful experience (and an extra convenient one, too)! Just pick one of our Florist’s Choice creations, order before 2PM, and you’ll have fresh flowers delivered the same day.

Please note: Each Florist’s Choice arrangement or bunch is uniquely created by a local florist based on the day’s freshest blooms. Given the custom made quality, design will vary from pictured. The design may not exactly match the photo but the look, appeal, and value will.