Flowers & Hamper For Kids

Contrary to what most people believe in, flowers aren’t just for adults. Children also appreciate the gift of blooms especially when they come with a packet of lollies and a balloon. Lily’s Florist caters to all flower lovers, from kids to kids at heart. Take a look at our Kid’s Range and see how versatile the language of flowers could be.

A Few of A  Kid’s Favourite Things

Is it your daughter or your grandchild’s birthday? Why not skip the toy this year and give something more unique and memorable. A fun arrangement of flowers, balloon and candies would surely delight your little one. While we all do not want them to grow up too fast, it is an exciting feeling for them to feel like a grown up sometimes. After all, such experience can boost their independence and sense of responsibility. So why not let them answer the door and see a flower delivery especially for them. Our kid’s range of flower presents feature three fresh and colourful gerberas wrapped in fancy paper and arranged together with a packet of lollies, teddy bear, balloon, or a stationery hamper. These are personalized arrangements that will certainly make your little chickadee leap in glee.

One-of-a-kind Kids Presents

We have prepared unique presents that may be given on birthdays, graduations, recitals, or as get well gifts. Send the little one a special flower gift from Lily’s Florist and let your daughter, son, granddaughter or grandson enjoy the cuddly toy, the beautiful flowers and the packet of lollies and candies. Indulge the little one’s sweet tooth only for this special day! They are sure to remember your thoughtfulness and the one-of-a-kind present you sent this year.

Flowers for Kids and Kids-at-Heart

Just like the queen in your life, little princesses would also be delighted to celebrate their birthdays with flowers. If you are looking for an atypical present for your unique princess, check out our gerbera box of 5 with packet of lollies, a teddy bear and a balloon. If what you have are brave little princes, our kids flower arrangement may also suit them. We can change the balloon and bouquet wrapper colour to match the gender of your child. By sending flowers as gifts to children, you not only create an unforgettable memory but also an opportunity for them to learn about biology, ecology and even art. Show them the different types of flowers and how to care for them so they can enjoy their flower present longer. Know that your present will not just be a symbol of celebration but also a tool for learning.

Cute and Sweet Gifts for Little Darlings

Lily’s Florist makes sure that our kid arrangements are truly child-friendly. If you can’t be physically present to celebrate your child’s special day - be it his/her birthday, school presentation, or graduation - your flower present will surely be able to deliver your message of love, appreciation and care. Our creations are adorable and eye-catching and our flowers are always fresh. We use gerbera blooms because they symbolise innocence, purity and cheerfulness which are all characteristics of children. Your child will definitely smile at first sight of her name in the bouquet’s card. If you wish to skip the flowers, Lily’s Florist also offers candy and balloon arrangements as well as stationery hampers. If your little one loves drawing and coloring, we have a basket filled with stickers, pens, colouring books and more. We can make special arrangements to fit your child’s gender. A hamper filled with sweets and a balloon will also be well-received.

Gifts for all occasions at Lily’s Florist

Here at Lily’s Florist, we aim to bring smiles both to the recipient and the gift-giver. Our flower arrangements are made to send joy to both parties. By offering a diverse range of flower gifts for men, women and children, we are able to take advantage of the versatile charm of flower. We believe that the language of flowers is boundless and that it can express whatever the recipient’s heart wishes to communicate. Our goal is to apply our florists’ creativity and talent gained through training, experience and passion to form wonderful arrangements that articulate messages of hope, peace and love. So shop today and send flower gifts to people you care about.

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