Heart of Christmas Flowers

Heart of Christmas Flowers

Oftentimes we experience a dilemma of not knowing the right gift for Christmas. When we are too busy to know what our recipient’s wish list is, we tend to think twice if we are indeed sending a gift they would love.

Well you problem’s over with our Heart of Christmas Flowers. This set-in-a-box season’s greetings of floral ensemble are filled with all the festivity red roses can give. They say red and green are Christmas colours and here they are, bundled together in a white box screaming too many Merry Christmases through its rich red and green foliage.

Anyone you send this too will be beyond excited to quickly display this in their living rooms, kitchen counter, or even on their bedside table!

So if you have an inkling of giving your acquaintance, workmate, boss, or your ex-partner a gift – this could be your choice. It doesn’t say much about romance but it lets you express your caring affection for people around you.

Feel free to order via our secured website. We guarantee you that when you transact with us, your private information will always be protected.

Always remember, we are Australia’s most trusted delivery florist this holiday season and each day to come!



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