A world without women is a world without wisdom. It takes both a woman and a man to spark ideas and generate success; thus, when the other is absent...everything will be half-baked. No questions asked, women are vital in this cycle of humanity.

There are a lot of ways to celebrate the person from whom a man is born – a woman. One way which women are known to have always adored is by celebrating femininity with flowers! On each year’s International Women’s Day, we want the women in your life to feel cherished and respected not only by their loved ones but the people around them as well.

International Women’s Day is beyond celebrating the merriments of being a woman. It is also a time to commemorate the achievements of every woman in the world, each excelling in a particular field may it be of a social, economic, political, or cultural cause. Every achievement deserves a bouquet of fascinating flowers from Lily’s Florist.

Lily’s Florist gives the highest importance to women all around. Whether it’s your mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, girl friend, co-worker, acquaintance, significant other, and even our very own female florists – they should be appreciated more every 8th of March, on International Women’s Day.

Since sending flowers to the women you appreciate is part of the yearly tradition of International Women’s Day, Lily’s Florist have dedicated some of our arrangements to celebrate International Women’s Day flowers.

Honour mothers with gerberas – Gerbera daisies are one of the flowers which reflect the dynamic persona of mothers. Every colour represents the type of role a mother brings to a home to her children and husband. Lily’s Florist’s Bright Mixed Gerbera Bunch is a whole bouquet of colourful array reflecting the many beautiful things a mother does for her family.

Appreciate your female friend with roses – There is always one female friend who goes beyond what is expected of her. She excels in her career at the same time excels at being a friend who is always there for you. What a superwoman! A set-in-a-box arrangement of Roses and Carnations Arrangement will be a wonderful token of appreciation for such reliable super gal pal!

Respect your grandmother with lilies – Back when you were young, she was there spoiling you and at the same time teaching you the hard lessons of life. Years may age her physically but her wisdom gets greater through time. A bunch of Yellow Lilies is an apt testament of your highest respects for your grandmother.

Show sibling love for your sister with lilacs – Who could be your greatest enemy at the same time your most awesome friend? Only your sister can be that! Even when you are complete opposites, there is no way you can forget her on this special day. To get that cheesy ride rolling, send her a ready for display Lovely Lilac Arrangement.

Make plans now. Send Lily’s Florist’s same day flowers to your loved ones on International Women’s Day!