Mixed Orange Bunch

Mixed Orange Bunch

Did you know that you can nurture health and wellbeing through flowers? Scientific studies have already explored the mental, emotional and psychological health benefits of flowers and the findings are all positive. Flowers are good for you. So if you'd like to get this bunch of orange-tinged blooms for yourself or for someone special, go ahead and indulge.

This luminous floral display of orange flowers is one that will surely bring warmth and joy to you or to the lucky recipient. Orange, the colour of summer, is also the colour of energy, adventure, enthusiasm, and stimulation.

Display this fresh flower bunch in your home office and get a dose of encouragement and a boost of creativity from the cheerful orange flowers. The invigorating shade of this orange floral ensemble can instantly liven up your living space, too. Use it as a beautiful accent on a bare grey wall or in a dark hallway.

Our mixed orange bunch promises to deliver a vibrant yet cozy energy. If you are looking for flowers that radiate cheery vibes, this bunch in a citrus palette fits the bill.

Vase not included.



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