Oriental Bunch + White Wine

Oriental Bunch + White Wine

Bring this stylish and sophisticated gift the next time you get invited to a dinner party. This elegant combination of white lilies and white wine is one of the best hostess gifts you can give. It isn't just beautiful, it is also meaningful.

The white colour palette is an indication of your sincere appreciation for the host's hospitality and graciousness. The Oriental lily is known for conveying beauty and simplicity which is perfect when you want to extend a simple message of gratitude. A white lily is also an important plant in Feng Shui, a Chinese practice that is said to harmonize the energy of the home and its residents. Given that, this ensemble suits housewarming parties, too. The white lilies will go with any color scheme or interior decor. Giving white lilies as gift means that you are wishing the recipient harmony and happiness.

This lily and wine flower gift also makes an awesome thank you gift after crashing at your friend's house for a night.

This totally classy flower and wine gift set will be hand-delivered by a local florist.

Vase not included.


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