Pastel Gerbera Bunch

Pastel Gerbera Bunch

These are blooms which represent new beginnings, and spring–oh and let’s not forget Easter–so wouldn’t it be lovely to introduce these Lily’s Florist bunches into your nursery, or better yet, into parts of your home which are void of any real direction with regards to decor and style.

If you would like to give these gerbera daisies to anyone in general, give them to an expectant Mother, who will appreciate the softly touchable texture of these blooms, as well as the almost artistic flow of the flowers. Masterfully curated and hand-tied, you simply cannot resist the perfection of these pastel gerbera daisies….

Do you need a tip to make your gerbera daisies last longer?

Get them in a vase as soon as possible comma change the water every 2 days, trim the stems by around 4 centimeters every 2 days, and keep out of Direct sunlight. Oh and a little secret of ours is to add the teaspoon of lemonade to the water as gerberas love this.

Vase not included.



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