Pastel Pink Lily and Rose Bunch

Pastel Pink Lily and Rose Bunch

“Happy Valentine’s Day!”, “Happy anniversary!”. That may be the sound your loved one may hear upon receiving these lovely flowers.

This awesome pastel pink Lily and rose bunch as the name suggests, features the number of pastel pink roses and pastel white lilies which are both some of the most well-known flowers on the planet.

Whilst these flowers possibly suit Valentine’s Day they also suit a plethora of other special occasions. They may suit a new mum, they may suit a good luck gift or they may even suit a best wishes gift for someone perhaps starting a new job. The flowers also come with a freshly picked a ray of natural Greenery which is there to highlight and balance out the bouquet against the soft pinks,

Our pastel pink lily and rose bunch is available for same day delivery to all homes and businesses a alike.

Please note that this vase is only for display purposes only call me if you require a vase you must order one below as an extra.




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