Pink Lily & Rose Sheath

Pink Lily & Rose Sheath

Our Pink Lily and Rose sheath has been especially designed to be sent to the funeral ceremony either at a church or a cemetery. Traditionally they are also desire to sit on top of the funeral Casket as a fitting tribute to a close loved one or a close friend.

This particular funeral sheath features are stunning mix of pink roses and pink lilies married together perfectly with market fresh green foliage and may be suitable for a man or a woman.

Whether you're ordering online or you are ordering with us by phone you will be required to type out a card message for the deceased, we realise that this can be a very challenging situation as emotions are running quite high when you are at the point of typing out the card message. If you require any assistance with writing out the card that will go with the flowers you are most welcome to call us as we can be of great assistance in this situation.

Flower seeds can be delivered to all local funeral homes and cemeteries same day just ensure that you get your honour to us before 2 p.m.

One last thing to consider is that this has been specifically designed to go to the ceremony and not to the family home, if you want to send something to the family home we suggest something you now arrangements category.