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Express gratitude with the Roses & Carnations Bunch, a floral ensemble symbolising heartfelt thanks. Delight in its beauty, revel in its sentiment. Don't wait, order now to share your appreciation.

Vase not included.

'Glorious flowers, easily ordered over the phone. Love the clear photos of your flower bouquet options and your very reasonable prices. I ordered from mainland Australia by phone and it couldn't have been easier. Polite, friendly service by Gina (apologies if the spelling is not correct) who explained my options and offered advice. Although the spelling of the recipient's surname was incorrect, the flowers were delivered as promised and my Aunt was delighted with them.' Source: Feefo
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The Power of the Flowers

The language of flowers, otherwise known as floriography, is a time-honoured tradition that dates back to ancient times. Each bloom holds an enchanting power to articulate a diverse range of emotions. Whether it's love, gratitude, sorrow or joy, there's a flower that can subtly and beautifully convey your sentiment.

Our exquisite Roses & Carnations bunch is a prime example of this floral language in action. Carefully selected for their complementary meanings, the delicate pink roses and carnations together create a message of heartfelt gratitude. Not only does this bouquet offer an aesthetic delight to the recipient, but also it communicates an emotional depth that few gifts can match.

When words fail to express the depth of your feelings, or when you want to add a layer of meaning to your gift, the silent, yet profound language of flowers steps in. With the power to evoke emotion and convey messages straight to the heart, flowers become much more than a simple gift. They become a heartfelt gesture that resonates deeply within the recipient's spirit.

The Beauty of Pink Roses

The pink rose is the embodiment of affection, joy, and grace. It's the flower to offer when you want to show gratitude towards a loved one. Be it telling your mum how thankful you are for her ceaseless efforts, expressing your appreciation for your wife's undying love, or showing your admiration for someone's radiant beauty, the pink rose delivers your sentiment flawlessly.

Express Gratitude with Carnations

Carnations, particularly the pink variety, are delicate flowers also symbolising gratitude. Their message whispers a poignant "I'll never forget you", encapsulating the notion of preserving the memory of someone's kindness or goodwill.

A Blossoming Gesture of Thanks

As such, this glorious combination of pink roses and carnations creates an exquisite floral bunch, perfect when expressing your gratitude for unforgettable shared moments. This blushingly beautiful bouquet is best complemented with a clear glass vase and a thoughtful gift hamper.

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Vase not included.


Was easy to use and find a good bouquet. Order ref: 508730
Cannot fault service and price! I don’t often send flowers but found this online service fast and friendly to use. Order ref: 420094
Very efficient, timely delivery in a challenging area. They delivered a lovely bunch of flowers to my elderly mum in an area that is very challenging at the moment. Order ref: 407721
Flowers looks fantastic and they were delivered on time! I ordered flowers for my mum and they looked amazing! Great turn around time as well! I ordered them on a Saturday to be delivered 2 days later! Definitely recommend! Order ref: 377159
Easy online ordering, delivered on time. Our Nan was delighted with her arrangement. Order ref: 357587
Took the care to leave in water as mum was not at home at the time of the delivery. Order ref: 308097
Great customer service, unfortunately, poor floral arrangement. Flowers delivered were below the standard you would expect to receive. Arrangement was nothing like I ordered. I could have done better myself. However, a full refund was given. Could not fault aftercare customer service. Order ref: 306811
Great service. Fantastic flowers. Very happy. Order ref: 305731
I made a telephone order with Jess on Thursday, the 24th; she was extremely helpful and cheery during the call. The flowers were delivered mid-morning to my wife at work, which was a nice surprise for her. Thank you! Order ref: 304477
Website is good. Flowers were very disappointing. Order ref: 304511
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