Wreath With White & Purple Tones

Wreath With White & Purple Tones

This is a handcrafted flower wreath for a funeral that is appropriate for a man or a woman and is designed to sit on top of either the funeral Casket at the church, or can sit next to the headstone at the grave.

You can be delivered to any local church, any local funeral home, or any cemetery in the area. We just ask that you allow at least 4 hours for us to design this as it requires a high level of skill to make and is far more intricate than most people give it credit for.

This flower design features a soothing mix of white flowers, yellow flowers, lilac flowers, and other assorted green flowers and is a wonderfully fitting tribute to someone you know and all of that has recently passed away.

As this is a trying time for you we would like to offer you our help if you need it. We can help you through the ordering process by calling us we can also help you to write the card message that we will add to the flowers for you. This is often the most trying thing for someone to do in a grieving period of their lives.


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