2024 Garden Revamp with Peach-Coloured Flowers

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2024 Garden Revamp with Peach Coloured Flowers

2024 is here. We're in a brand new year, and the best time for a fresh start is right now. If your lawn, backyard, or garden looks like it could use some revamping, we've got the perfect solution! Plant flowering plants that produce blooms in the colour of this year's Pantone choice: Peach Fuzz.

Peach Fuzz, Pantone's 2024 Colour of the Year, is a "velvety gentle peach" that evokes a feeling of tenderness, warmth, and peace. It is a subdued, soft pastel shade – dreamy, warm, and cozy. It radiates positive energy and has a comforting presence, making it the perfect pop of colour in a garden. Plant peach-coloured flowers in your garden and create a more calming green space where you can relax, get together with loved ones, feel, heal, and just be.

We're here to share some peach-coloured blossoms you can use to build an ideal garden where everything is just peachy.

Peach Orchids

The Phalaenopsis GC Reyoung Peach has gorgeous peach-pink flowers with dark pink centre markings. The hybrid Dendrobium Sirin Peach features lovely white-peach flowers, while the foxtail orchid Rhynchostylis Gigantea Peach has fragrant blooms in a slightly darker peach tone.


Type of Flower Description
Peach Orchids Includes Phalaenopsis GC Reyoung Peach, Dendrobium Sirin Peach, and Rhynchostylis Gigantea Peach.
Peach Roses Varieties like Peach Profusion, Peach Sunblaze, Peach Mayra (David Austin), and Rachel Hybrid Tea.
Peach Carnations Dianthus genus varieties such as Carnation Peach Wonder and Dianthus Sunflor Bling Bling.
Peach Gerberas Includes Gerbera Avignon, Gerbera Alliance, and Gerbera Trento.
Peach Peonies Varieties include Peony Lollipop, Souvenir de Maxime Cornu, and Coral Charm.
Other Peach Flowers & Plants Includes iris, hibiscus, amaryllis, Peruvian lily, tulips, Flax Lily, and various coleus plants.

Peach Roses

Go for the Peach Profusion rose variety for a densely foliaged rose bush with pointed, soft peach blooms. This flowering plant is perfect for pots, landscaping, and mass planting. The Peach Sunblaze rose variety is another option, offering charming peach rose blooms. The Peach Mayra David Austin sub-variety is also an excellent choice as it produces peach flowers with a very strong fragrance and a long vase life. If you prefer a more ruffled rose, get the Rachel hybrid tea garden rose and let its large, frilled, and fragrant peach blooms make a statement in your garden.


Peach Carnations

The Dianthus genus is also ready to join the peach party. The low-maintenance Dianthus' c with its extra-charming, ruffled peach petals would make a great addition to any garden. The Carnation Peach Wonder is another good choice, given its large, ruffled head and extra tall stem length. The potted Dianthus Sunflor Bling Bling variety is another option.


Peach Gerberas

The attractive and easy-to-grow gerbera also comes in shades of peach. The Gerbera Avignon has a soft apricot or peach flower, while the Gerbera Alliance has peachy-pink blooms.

The eye-catching hybrid Gerbera Trento is perfect if you want something truly outstanding. Its peachy-pink blooms feature rounded petals. This gerbera hybrid boasts an extremely long vase life, so it's typically grown for the cut flower market.


Peach Peonies

Give your garden an elegant makeover by adding peach-coloured peonies. This hardy plant's huge and impressive flowers are something you can enjoy outdoors and indoors. Let them prettify your backyard or front yard, or use them as cut flowers to decorate various rooms in your house.

The Peony Lollipop offers pink-speckled peach blooms on delicate stems with lush green leaves. The Peony Souvenir de Maxime Cornu produces double-ruffled peach-coloured flowers that hang downwards because of their size and weight. Another fine pick is the Peony Coral Charm, with multiple rows of petals that lead to a peach centre. 


There are so many other flowers bearing the lovely peach colour – iris, hibiscus, amaryllis, Peruvian lily, and tulips. There are also non-flowering plants with attractive foliage bearing undertones of peach. Flax Lily or Phormium Jester is a sun-loving evergreen with long, linear leaves that are pink-peach in colour, with green borders. You can also find various coleus plants with dramatic peach-coloured foliage. There is Coleus Peach Julep, Coleus Peach Frizzle, Coleus Wizard Sunset, and Coleus Wizard Coral Sunrise.

Let the poetic, inspiring and quietly sophisticated hue of Peach Fuzz move you to recalibrate, nurture, and refresh your mind, body, and soul. Let the gentle lightness of the colour peach bring beauty to your living space while conjuring up an air of comfort, cheer, and confidence.  


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