4 Big and Beautiful Flowers to Grow in Your Garden

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4 Big and Beautiful Flowers to Grow in Your Garden

With over 350,000 known flowering plant species, you sure have numerous options to create a spectacular garden. But if you’re looking for flowering plants that draw attention and interest, consider growing plants with larger-than-life flowers. Flowering plants with oversized blooms can undoubtedly enhance your garden or yard’s presence. Their size and eye-catching beauty raise your garden’s impact considerably.

Here are four of our favourite plants with large, standout blossoms sure to bring visual interest to your outdoor space.

1. Dahlia

Dahlias’ big and brilliant blooms are hard to beat. They’re definitely noticeable, attractive, and statement-making. Fortunately, the Australian climate and soil are favorable for the propagation of dahlias. 

Dahlia Growing Tips:

  • It’s ideal to plant dahlias at the beginning of summer in December. 
  • Don’t water a dahlia tuber until they’re up to about 15cm high and the soil is really dry.
  • Plant dahlias under full sun in free-draining soil. They require at least 6 hours of full sun per day.
  • Protect dahlias from strong winds and scorching afternoon sun.
  • Dahlias make a lovely cut flower display. They last for about a week.
  • Deadhead regularly and pick dahlia flowers regularly to encourage growth.

Dahlia varieties to check out: Café Au Lait (up to 9” in diameter), Penhill Watermelon (approx. 12”), Holland Festival (up to 8”), Tartan (6-8” in diameter), Blue Edge (up to 12”). Learn more about Dahlia's.

2. Zinnia

The low-maintenance and fast-growing zinnia will be an excellent addition to any garden. The showy zinnia blossom may have a single row of petals, double rows, or layers and layers of rounded petals. This productive plant offers a burst of colour with its striking blooms ranging from white and cream to yellows, apricots, pinks, purple and red.

Zinnias are butterfly magnets, too, so you can enjoy watching pollinators flutter around your garden. 

Zinnia Growing Tips:

  • Zinnias are heat lovers, so they can withstand Australian heat. Ensure that they get at least 6 hours of direct sun per day.
  • Spring and summer are the recommended time to plant zinnia in Australia.
  • Pinching zinnias encourages more robust growth, longer stems, and more blooms. Remember to use sharp pruners and cut the top 8-10cm of growth.
  • Avoid watering the leaves directly, as zinnias are prone to mildew growth.

Zinnia varieties to check out: Benary’s Giant (large, double blossom, approx. 4-5” in diameter), Dream Lavender (violet double bloom, up to 80cm tall, up to 5” in diameter), Uproar Rose (brilliant magenta, approx. 4-5” in diameter), Swizzle (3-4” blooms packed with petals)

3. Peony

Who would not be attracted to the voluptuous blooms of peonies? Peonies are easy-to-grow flowering plants that produce fragrant blooms with ruffled single or double petals. They come in different colours, including coral, crimson, mauve, magenta, lavender, and peach. 

Peony Growing Tips:

  • A cool climate is needed for herbaceous peonies to thrive.
  • Tree peonies prefer cool climates, but they can also grow well in cool temperate areas.
  • Both tree and herbaceous peonies need full sun and shelter from strong winds.
  • Peonies like deep and moist but well-drained soil.
  • Shelter peonies from the hot afternoon sun.
  • Peonies do not like to be moved or disturbed once established.

Peony varieties to check out: Raspberry Sundae (multicolored peony), Duchesse de Nemours (full-petaled white peony), Karl Rosenfield (brilliant fuchsia-red double bloom), Carina (scarlet red), and Cora Louise (lightly fragrant, cream to soft pink peony with purple center). Learn more about Peonies.

4. Sunflower

There is more to a sunflower’s pretty face. These iconic garden blossoms that follow the sun and reach toward the sky are capable of improving your soil’s health. Their extensive root system helps control soil erosion and improves soil quality. Sunflowers’ deep roots (growing at least 4 feet below the soil surface) help aerate the soil, allowing better water movement and nutrient transport. 

Sunflower Growing Tips:

  • Sow sunflower seeds in spring or early summer. Sow seeds 1.5-2cm deep and 30cm up to 60cm apart for large/tall varieties.
  • If you’re growing sunflowers in pots or containers, ensure a 10-15cm distance between each seed.
  • Eight hours of full sun and loose, well-draining soil enriched with organic matter are necessary.
  • Because sunflowers grow tall, staking can be helpful to protect them from winds.

Sunflower varieties to check out: Russian Giant (up to 300cm in height and up to 17” in diameter), Golden Rust (pollen-free, 90-110cm height), Royal Velvet F1 (deep bronze petals, 150cm height), Skyscraper Sunflower (bright yellow, up to 12ft in height, up to 24 inches in diameter). More flower care tips.


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