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Florals for spring? Why not? Renowned designers like Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Dries Van Noten and Marques’ Almeida embraced the glamour of bold blooms with their floral creations for 2017. We’re seeing head-to-toe floral prints in bold and rich hues and graphic emphasis. And no, you won’t see pretty, ditsy floral prints but bright, striking, showy, and definitely eye-catching florals. Even this season’s hottest footwear gets the chance to be blooming.

You’re probably worried now and wondering how you can remain fashionable when you’re expected to wear something head-to-toe and in flashy floral. Don’t worry, we’ve got some tips to help you come up with a winning floral outfit that’s trendy yet won’t make you feel uneasy.

Tip no.1: Wear the same brand from head to toe

This little technique of ours can easily make you feel comfortable with the stylish look you’re going for. It’s because you’re trusting the brand’s decision of coming up with such pieces of clothing. Check out these fashionable pieces from Gucci and see why you should not shy away from wearing an entire brand from top to bottom.

Tip no.2: Dress it up

We love the sophisticated look of this vibrant floral dress. The uber-feminine look is made edgier by the sharp black line detail. This tablecloth silk crepe-de-chine tunic dress may be worn as a mini dress or paired with a black tailored pants.

Wearing a floral dress is the easiest way to wear florals from head-to-toe. A dress with floral print isn’t as intimidating as a separate floral top and bottom ensemble. Also, it’s easier to find a floral footwear to match a floral dress. You can go for a pair of strappy sandals with a little floral accent or a stylish pair of boots with tiny floral prints. Floral sneakers are popular now and they also go well with certain types of dresses. Popular brands like Gucci, Givenchy, Salvatore Ferragamo, Superga, Moschino, adidas, J.Crew, Ted Baker and Alice + Olivia have also put their mark on this floral fashion trend.

Tip no.3. Mix and match

If you aren’t really fully ready to go bright, make sure your florals stand out by pairing it with white. Mix prints with neutrals and you’ll have a chic outfit in an instant. But then again, dainty and sweet toned-down florals are so last season. This year, it’s trendier if your flower pattern remains a stand out even when paired with neutrals or solids. Let the flower print be the statement in your otherwise boring and neutral outfit. Flowers also go well when paired with textured clothing like crochet tops or lace blouses so don’t be afraid to truly mix and match. Mixing flower prints and textures add an interesting depth to your look and your fashion style. A tip to make the pattern-texture pairing look polished is to make sure they don’t compete with each other. Use basic solid accessories such as belt, shoes, bag, and pieces of jewelry to bring a sense of balance to your overall look. Still hesitant to mix and match? Another tip is to mix with similar colours. If you are wearing a blue floral top, your skirt should have a shade of blue to it. You can begin with neutral shades like gray, white and black, and midnight blue.

Tip no.4: Make the flirty look edgy

Tame the flirty floral by adding something sporty, goth or punk. Us girls shouldn’t just settle on looking sweet in a floral dress. Apart from our feminine side, we should also be proud of our edgy style. That’s why we recommend investing in a versatile floral piece of clothing or fashion accessory that you can style depending on the look you want to achieve. A floral jacket, for example, easily transforms an outfit into another look. To be more specific, the bomber jacket which is a popular spring layering piece is a wardrobe must-have for us. Pick one with a floral print so you’re still in line with the spring trend. A floral bomber jacket goes well with a crop top, with your favourite jeans and sneakers, with a girly or sexy dress.

Tip no.5: Go dark a little bit

Obviously, flower power reigns supreme during spring. But to make the traditional floral print more interesting, designers have gone a little “dark” in their design. The result is bright and colourful florals set on black or blue backgrounds. Because dramatic dark florals command attention, they must be paired with solid-coloured neutrals. If you want to make a bold statement and show a classy and feminine look, let dark floral print stand alone. Creative dressers, on the other hand, may be comfortable mixing two dark florals. Some go for a pop of bright colour. Moreover, bold jewelry complements the boldness of inky botanicals so you may want to pick that architectural piece of jewelry instead of a dainty accessory.

Tip no.6. Check the flower size

The larger the flowers in your dress the bigger you’ll more likely look. There, we’ve said it straightforwardly so it’s easy to remember. Large flower prints are more flattering to petite and slender body types. Be careful, however, because too large of a blossom in your clothing can overwhelm your tiny figure. Smaller flower prints and patterns are typically recommended for shapelier women. It’s best if you will also consider the placement of the flower print. If you are unsure if the floral pattern suits your body shape, break the pattern using accessories like a scarf or belt.

A floral outfit is always great in theory but it could be tricky to pull off. Flower patterns tend to be busy, too lively, and flashy but if you pick a flattering print and you match the flower power with confidence, it’s easy to bloom in style with botanical-printed clothing.

Fashion is bursting with florals this year. Inject some personality in your look by giving florals a try and add instant flair to your 2017 wardrobe.


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