Top 5 Easy-to-Care Houseplants for Beginners

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Top 5 Easy to Care Houseplants for Beginners

As Lily's Florist provides flower delivery across Australia, we know many of our customers also love decorating their homes and offices with lively indoor plants. Nurturing indoor gardens brings natural beauty inside and can even improve your mood and focus. However, keeping houseplants thriving can seem intimidating for beginners.

That's why we've put together this essential guide to the most easy-care, resilient houseplants perfect for novice growers. Starting with these hard-to-kill varieties allows you to establish a hassle-free foundation of houseplants that practically care for themselves.

We'll recommend starter plants suited for the typical Australian home or office environment. Varieties that tolerate low natural light, inconsistent watering, stretches of neglect if life gets busy, and other beginner growing pitfalls. Here you'll discover your gateway plants into the delightful world of indoor gardening with very little fuss involved!

Whilst we don't sell plants as such we do sell a large variety of long lasting, native Australian flowers to suit all tastes and budgets!

Our experts will outline the top 5 houseplants for beginners favoured for their near impossible-to-kill constitution. Learn perfect conditions to get them thriving as effortless accent greenery alongside your fresh flower deliveries. This is your guide to creating a lively indoor oasis with houseplants even the most hesitant plant owners can maintain!

The Lily's Florist Top 5

Keeping easy-care houseplants offers many benefits for beginner plant owners looking to venture into indoor gardening. Adding simple, low-maintenance greenery transforms any space into a lively urban jungle oasis without requiring time-intensive care. This article will provide an overview of the most forgiving starter plants to help establish an effortless foundation to a new houseplant hobby.

The top beginner-friendly houseplants thrive with basic general care while tolerating less-than-ideal growing conditions. Recommended low light plants are unfazed by bright rooms lacking natural sunlight or dim corners with infrequent waterings. Their resilience also withstands stretches of drying air and skipped feedings from busy schedules. When life gets chaotic, these tried-and-true varieties continue putting out lively green foliage.

When selecting starter houseplants, it's important to consider factors like the space's ambient light and humidity. Certain corners may be brighter or more humid. This guide will cover plants suiting various indoor conditions. Additional traits that make a low maintenance houseplant achievable for novices include:

  • Drought-tolerance for less frequent watering
  • Slow growth rate requiring less frequent repotting/pruning
  • Disease/pest resistance avoiding interventions
  • General adaptability to a wide range of environments

By starting with indestructible varieties tolerant of beginner growing mistakes, new plant parents can establish an attractive foundation of easy-care greenery. Then they can build up skills and confidence to gradually add more unique houseplants. Use this list of the top 5 forgiveness plants well-suited for first-timers to simplify the journey into indoor gardening.

1. The Snake Plant

The Snake Plant, also AKA the Mother-in-Law's Tongue, features stunning architectural foliage while remaining extraordinarily low-maintenance. These attributes make it a perfect first houseplant for beginners.


The Snake Plant boasts strong upright sword-shaped leaves with dramatic rigid edges and markings. The striking leaves emerge from the soil in a rosette pattern. This plant has an incredibly hardy constitution, leading to its nickname as the set-it-and-forget-it houseplant requiring little care once established.

Some key features include:

  • Architectural, vertical green leaves up to 4 feet tall
  • Interesting rigid edges and yellow banding on leaves
  • Dramatic appearance contrasts well with smooth furniture
  • Extremely resilient despite irregular watering and feeding
  • Low-light tolerance suits most indoor settings

Growing Conditions

The Snake Plant thrives in most indoor environments making it ideal for beginners who are still learning to provide the right plant care conditions. With an origin in arid deserts, it actually prefers some neglect between waterings and copes well in low indoor light.

Ideal growing conditions include:

  • Thriving in most indoor settings from bright to low-light rooms
  • High heat tolerance
  • Low water requirements, only needing irrigation every 2-3 weeks
  • Tolerant of missed feedings
  • Low-humidity resistance

Design & Decorating

The Snake Plant's height and arching rigid leaves command attention wherever placed. The structural look contrasts nicely against smoother modern decor.

Some stylish ways to showcase the Snake Plant include:

  • Placing in a corner as a statement floor plant
  • Centering in a room as a focal point
  • Flanking a TV console in minimalist decor
  • Adding exotic appeal to bohemian spaces
  • Drawing attention to blank walls and bare corners

The Snake Plant's vibrant leaves bring eye-catching appeal with very little required care once established. This makes it a beautiful, beginner-friendly houseplant sure to thrive for years.

2. The Pothos or Devil's Ivy

With its cascading vines or climbing stems, the Pothos houseplant is a beginner favorite for adding effortless greenery in hanging displays.

Features and Varieties

The Pothos sports heart-shaped satiny leaves on trailing or winding vining stems that can grow up to 10 feet long. Leaves emerge bright green then mature to dark green. Beautiful pure yellow and white variegated varieties are also available.

Fun varieties to try include:

  • Classic bright green leaves
  • Marbled/variegated leaves with white or yellow splashes
  • Neon green leaves for a pop of color
  • Heartleaf shape for a sweet trailing effect

Care Requirements

The Pothos is almost impossible to overwater and withstands plenty of novice growing missteps making it ideal for beginners. Missed waterings may cause some yellow leaves but the Pothos bounces back quickly with irrigation. Light is flexible from bright rooms to shady corners.

Minimum care guidelines include:

  • Hardy against overwatering
  • Forgiving of irregular or minimal feedings
  • Tolerant of bright light to low-light corners
  • Resilient against droughts once established

Placement Ideas

The Pothos trailing vines and smaller heart-shaped leaves add a playful contrast against structural decor. Use in hanging planters or on shelves to display its flowing vines.

Creative ideas include:

  • Trailing down from bookshelves
  • Tumbling out of wall planter pockets
  • Cascading from hanging pots like macrame holders
  • Accentuating tabletops and counters when allowed to spill over edges

With its vibrant leaves, vining growth habit and indestructible nature, the Pothos adds liveliness anywhere without requiring expert care - ideal for beginners.

3. The ZZ Plant

If you're searching for an ultra low-maintenance and indestructible houseplant, the ZZ Plant should top your list. Its resilience makes it a frequent recommendation for black-thumb gardeners.


The ZZ Plant is prized for its shiny oval leaves emerging from thick underground rhizomes. The waxy leaves can reach up to 1 foot long by 3 inches wide in a lush spreading rosette shape. This plant is renowned for its extreme tolerance of neglect.

Key traits include:

  • Glossy oval leather-like leaves
  • Lush rosette shape spreads up to 3 feet wide
  • Unfazed by very irregular water/feedings
  • Tolerates months of neglect
  • Thrives despite minimal natural light

Growing Needs

A true survivor houseplant, the ZZ tolerates nearly complete darkness and drastically erratic watering habits, making it perfect for absent-minded beginners. Despite such resilience, it appreciates the following care regimen:

  • Does well in low to medium natural light
  • Only needs watering every 2-3 weeks
  • Add general houseplant fertilizer just a few times per year
  • Thrives when otherwise neglected for periods

Arrangement Inspiration

The ZZ Plant's waxy spreading foliage creates a dramatic presence with little effort. Showcase its leather-like leaves:

  • Spotlighted alone in a corner as a bold texture plant
  • Paired with smooth ceramic planters for contrast
  • Set against bright walls for a striking pop
  • Used on plant stands for visual weight and balance
  • Arranged to counterbalance delicate foliage

Beginners won't find an easier-to-grow, harder-to-kill houseplant than the resilient ZZ with its tolerance of neglect.

4. The Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is instantly recognisable for its lush green leaves and iconic white blooms emerging from a signature hooded floral spike. Despite such vivid beauty, it remains remarkably easy to grow.


This plant is prized for its deep green oval leaves flourishing from the soil upwards in a vigorously spreading clump shape. Rising elegantly from the foliage appear the Peace Lily's famous hooded white blooms that give the impression of peaceful doves.

Defining features include:

  • Lush broad dark green leaves
  • Signature hooded white blooms on sparking floral spadix
  • Vigorous clumping habit spreads gracefully
  • Flowers intermittently when happy

Care Tips

While appreciated, meticulous care is not demanded by the forgiving Peace Lily. Leaving it unattended for periods does not ruin its ambiance.

Minimum needs include:

  • Occasional watering when soil feels dry
  • Fairly drought-resistant once established
  • Low to medium light levels suit it well
  • Benefits from monthly fertilising

Design Style

The Peace Lily's vibrant green foliage acts as the perfect lush foil to highlight its elegant white blooms. Showcase this plant:

  • As a pop of color among an urban all-green jungle
  • Drawing attention to a dark reading nook when not in bloom
  • Centered on side tables or plant stands to highlight flowers
  • On bedroom nightstands to promote peaceful sleep

The resilient Peace Lily handles beginner missteps while adding graceful refinement wherever placed.

5. The Chinese Evergreen

The beautifully variegated Chinese Evergreen delivers eye-catching style with minimal required upkeep.


This plant showcases spectacular multicolored leaves in various captivating color combinations emerging from branching stems in a full bushy shape. The foliage patterns give it a playful pop.

Defining traits:

  • Colorful pink, silver, white variegated leaves
  • Bushy spreading form
  • New leaf growth has pink tones
  • Thrives in medium to low light

Care Tips

Despite its vibrance, the Chinese Evergreen adapts readily to typical indoor conditions without fuss. A bright bathroom or low-light office suits it well.

Needs include:

  • Watering weekly/when soil dries out some
  • Allowing potting mix to slightly dry between waterings
  • Wiping leaves to prevent dusty appearance


The variegated leaves pair nicely with solid green plants or mix with other rainbow-leaves varieties to create a cheerful indoor garden.

Creative positioning ideas:

  • Centerpiece foliage plant atop coffee tables
  • Eye-catching appearance on plant stands
  • Windowsill feasting the eyes with color

The vibrant yet forgiving Chinese Evergreen brings easy joy.

Seeds of Wisdom

The houseplants covered in this guide represent great starter varieties for novice indoor gardeners looking to gain confidence with keeping plants. By outlining the most beginner-friendly plants tolerant of imperfect care while still thriving, new hobbyists can establish an alluring foundation of easy-care greenery.

For more detailed information on plant our flower care please visit our flower care series here.


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