August Wedding Flowers

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August Wedding Flowers

Want to be an August bride? Go ahead; set your wedding date on this off-peak month and save big on your wedding expenses. Spring and autumn are the peak wedding seasons in Australia with March and November being the busiest months. The least popular is July-August but this is when wedding suppliers charge 30-50% less than their peak season rates. This means that having an off-season wedding will enable you to maximise your budget.

And no, you don’t have to worry about the Australian winter and flower availability. There are many floral varieties and colours available that would suit your wedding theme. We rounded up the best in-season wedding flowers you can use for your August wedding.

August Wedding Flowers - camellias


This hardy, winter-flowering plant has been here for two centuries and it remains to be a favourite among brides. It’s big, luscious, heavy, and simply eye-catching. It comes in a variety of colours including white, coral, and pink. You can put it in a bud vase or make it float on a shallow, goblet-like vase and use it as table centrepiece. Place it on a bed of moist Spanish moss if you want a more dramatic look. This peony-like flower is also versatile enough to be included in your bridal bouquet. If you don’t like the blossom itself, camellia’s dark green and shiny leaves make fantastic greenery for wedding flower arrangements. Camellia is a flower that symbolizes longevity and faithfulness.


Many brides have now added hellebores to their favourite-flower list. This gorgeous cold-weather bloom has buttercup-like flowers in colours ranging from soft pink to deep purple. Available in different varieties, there are hellebore flowers with splatters, specks and graduations that add more charm to their already mesmerizing appearance. Hellebores may be used as part of a bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquet, wedding flower crowns, boutonnieres, and in table centrepieces.

August Wedding Flowers - hellebore


This striking blossom with glorious fragrance makes an elegant wedding flower. It’s available in blue, purple, white and pink colours and it’s perfect for low arrangements. You can include hyacinths in table centrepieces, flower décor for the cake, and in hand-tied bouquets for your bridesmaids. You can also use the florets of a hyacinth individually by wrapping it in floral wire and using it as an accent for corsages and boutonnieres. Hyacinths would look best when paired with stock and hydrangea.

august wedding flowers Hyacinth

Stargazer Lily

The popular white lily with dark pink centre is loved for its large, showy blossom and strong fragrance. But florists and DIY flower enthusiasts must be careful in using Stargazers for wedding flower arrangements. This six-petaled flower is not to be used to decorate buffet tables and in table centrepieces to be displayed where people will be eating. Your guests may feel disturbed by the mix of food smells and this flower’s heavy scent.

Where should you put stargazer lilies? They will be an excellent flower choice to decorate entry ways and guestbook tables. Use them for flower arrangements for the ceremony – along the aisle or in an archway. This type of Oriental lily may be too large for use in boutonnieres and corsages but you can use one or two blossoms for a medium to large bridal bouquet.

Pro tip: Take advantage of stargazer lilies large and showy appearance by using it as an individual flower. Remove a blossom off its stem and float it in a fishbowl. Wire-wrap one stargazer lily to give it a longer stem so you can use it in bouquets. Maximise your use of this super striking and super fabulous August flower and make your money go a long way, too. 
Ranunculus august wedding flowers


This brightly coloured flower features a magnificent display of tightly-wrapped layers of petals. You can see ranunculus blossoms in orange, yellow and red hues. The flowers may not be that big but the stems are definitely sturdy making this particular flower perfect for use in bride and bridesmaid bouquets. You can also use this flower to add charm to table centrepieces. Because this flower comes in different levels of openness, you can be really creative by mixing tight blooms with full blown ranunculus blossoms. Ranunculus showcases their beauty best when used in small arrangements. They will complement gerbera daisies and peonies best but will also shine when mixed with other garden flowers.

Star of Bethlehem august wedding flowers

Star of Bethlehem

Dress up your wedding bouquet with clusters of small star-shaped blooms of Star of Bethlehem flowers. This tiny but striking flower adds contrast to your grand bouquet. Star of Bethlehem also compliments smaller sized flowers and may also be used on its own as a charming posy. If you have a green and white colour motif, Star of Bethlehem would make an excellent wedding flower choice.

August Wedding Flowers - sweet pea

Sweet Pea

Small yet powerful, that’s the well-loved sweet pea. This tiny bloom has an incredibly strong scent making it truly special. Its endearing charm is just perfect for celebrations of love. The soft and delicate petals of sweet peas can perfectly represent the blossoming beauty of a blushing bride walking down the aisle. Many brides-to-be adore sweet peas because of the its ruffly petals and romantic appeal. The blooms also look arranged on their own that’s why many use a hand-tied bunch of sweet peas as bridesmaid bouquets. If you’re set on using sweet peas for your bridal bouquet, ask your florist for an arrangement of entirely white sweet peas finished with a satin ribbon. This beautiful flower can be mixed with calla lilies, lily of the valley, lilacs, delphiniums, hyacinths and ranunculuses. Another option is to combine different shades of sweet peas with fresh greenery and use it as a chic centrepiece.

These are just seven of the best winter flowers that you can use for your wedding. Other in-season blooms include stocks, tulips, daphnes, Singapore orchids, lisianthus, delphiniums, freesias, gardenias, magnolias, gladioli, irises, poppies, lavenders, and of course our very own – Australian native flowers. There are also flowers, like roses, that are available all year round which can complement most cold-weather blossoms.

While flowers can certainly make your celebration of love more memorable, and more picture-perfect, they are not the secret to a successful marriage. Go easy on wedding planning and breathe, smile, worry less and enjoy the ride to becoming a bride. More information on wedding flowers.


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