How to Choose the Best Flowers for An Outdoor Wedding

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How to Choose the Best Flowers for An Outdoor Wedding

So you’ve finally decided to have an outdoor setting for your big day. Now it’s time to plan how you’ll decorate a big and open space to match your wedding theme. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. To guide you in setting the scene, here are some tips in choosing the right outdoor wedding flowers

Draw inspiration from the surroundings

Look around and identify the existing flora and foliage in the location. From there you will have an idea which flowers will complement what’s already there and the amount of floral decorations you’ll need.  A wedding in a park or botanical garden will likely require less fresh flower arrangements than a wedding under an undecorated gazebo.
Draw inspiration from the surroundings
When getting married on a farm, for example, a rustic and down-to-earth reception will look extra elegant, light, and bright when decorated with yellow and turquoise flower arrangements. If you prefer a tented outdoor reception, you can consider a neutral palette accented with medium pink and magenta for a chic and stylish outdoor wedding.

You can also just identify the predominant colour in the outdoor space and work from there. Are you holding your big day by the sea? You can then select flowers in hues that complement the white sand and the sparkling waters. If your big day’s set in beautiful, manicured grounds with plenty of tall trees, grass, and all sorts of greenery, you can simply go with white flowers with gold accents for an elegant look.
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Work with the season

This is the ideal way to go especially if you are also on a budget. Out of season flowers generally come with a higher price tag as dictated by the law of supply and demand. The flowers in season will also depend on the region so make sure you’re aware of the in-season flowers in your wedding’s location especially if you’ll have a destination wedding.
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Match the look and colours of the flowers with the time of your wedding

Are you going to have an all-day event?  A sunset wedding? Or an evening wedding? You can base your wedding floral décor on your wedding and reception timeline. A sunset wedding typically features sunset orange, red-orange, fuchsia, purple, and other rich jewel tones.  Having a warm-weather morning wedding on the beach? You can consider blue and its varying shades ranging from powder blue to navy. Planning a daytime or brunch-style wedding? Gold and green with dainty touches of orange and ivory flowers can make the occasion look and feel relaxed, warm, and inviting.
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Visualize to make sure you’re transforming a big event venue into a cosy and intimate space without having the flower décor get in the way of a good time. 

A large open space may have the tendency to make the seating area and tables seem empty. Don’t be tempted to fill every “empty” space with flower arrangements. Large branch arrangements at the perimeter of an outdoor venue can enclose a large space visually and give it a more intimate feel. Instead of placing a large flower arrangement at the centre of a round table to not make it look empty, opt for rectangular tables to fill up the seating area and maximise the use of space. 
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An outdoor wedding reception will give you plenty of space and ideas to make your big day a truly memorable one. Take advantage of such a big space and the beauty of nature with plenty of photographs. The great outdoors isn’t just a romantic place to exchange “I dos,” it’s also the perfect setting to snap a few shots with family and friends and document a special day with your nearest and dearest.


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