We would like to welcome you to our freebies category that is made up of a large range of flower choices and flower gifts that have been specially designed to suit special occasion such as a close friend's birthday, and even an anniversary, where spoiling the one your love is your number one priority.

As such we have developed a range that contains flowers and also special gifts like chocolates, flowers coming in a vase, and even flower package that contain super fun gifts like sparkling wine.


There are many highlights this range of same day flowers so it's really going to depend on what the occasion is you are sending the flowers for. For example, if you are sending flowers to a close friend for their birthday you may consider sending flowers in a box that contains the extra goodness of a box of chocolates. The reason why we suggest a box is that the flowers require next to no maintenance as the box contains water and various nutrients for the flowers to live off. Moreover they can easily sit on the desk of the person you're sending flowers to - if they're at work for example, and when they get home they can easily be placed anywhere in the home.

Free vases

The range you see is also on the practical side when it comes to ordering gifts for people you love and this is perfectly illustrated with the bunches that we have, that is all of them come in a free vase. Coming in a free vase means simply that when flowers are delivered to your loved ones it means that they don't need to search high and low throughout the home to find somewhere to put the flowers, all they need to do is to add the flowers to the vase and add about 10 centimetres of water above the lowest stem. If you require more expert tips on how to get the most out of your flowers please refer to our flower care guide which can be found at the bottom of our website, click on the link for more information.

What is the most popular product in this category?

That is a really good question and one we get asked fairly frequently, and the answer to that question is simply our Colourful Bunch with Free Chocolates. It's an immensely popular flower product and gift mainly because due to the fact that it comes with a free box of chocolates and also a massive everyday sale price of just $76, which means you can save $19 to buy that today. It really is a glorious bunch of flowers and of course is available for same day delivery from Monday to Saturday every week in the year. It also happens to be particularly popular for Mother's Day.

An Epic Gift

If you are looking for an epic gift where expense is no issue we highly recommend our celebration package, it really is a masterpiece. Whilst we call it a celebration package it can be sent for pretty much any occasion you can think of and contains a bunch of amazing seasonal multi coloured flowers, a bottle of sparkling wine, and a yummy box of chocolates. The value of this package is normally about $300, we’re selling it today tor only $240.

Expert Ordering Tip

Whilst we do cover in great detail how to care for flowers we thought we share two more tips with you here and that is to forward order your flower delivery. What we mean by that is quite simple and that is that if you are looking at ordering flowers for someone you should consider ordering them at least the day before so then you are fully organised and are guaranteed a same day delivery.

Another ordering in tip, mainly to save you time. is to ensure that you have all the details about us sending the flowers to before you place the order, importantly this also includes having available the mobile phone number of the person you are sending flowers to. Whilst we're not into spoiling surprises having the mobile phone number of person is important just in case they are not at home or there is something that is prohibiting the delivery driver like a locked gate. It allows us to connect with the recipient and not disturb you but we must reiterate that we will only call the recipient if it's absolutely necessary.