Rose Garden Bunch

Rose Garden Bunch

Want to make your home look sophisticated but you're limited by a tight decorating budget? Don't worry. Our flowers are here to save the day.

This Rose Garden Bunch alone can make your living space look more organized, staged, and elegant. Let's see: place this chic floral bunch on a mason jar that's spray painted in gold and display it in your beauty counter. Use an abandoned tea cup to hold this pastel bunch of roses and display it as a dining table centerpiece or work desk accent in your home office.

The lovely harmony of these roses will also shine when placed in a vintage coffee tin. Such unique floral display can instantly spruce up the kitchen counter or your outdoor entertainment area.

An absolute budget-friendly tip: go for minimalist-style single stem floral displays. Float a rose blossom from this bunch on a martini glass or champagne bowl. Let a single flower stand on old perfume bottles and display one on every part of your home. Place one bloom on five beverage glass bottles then line them up on top of a console table. Pretty nifty, right?

Vase not included.



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