Specific Flower Care - By Lily's Florist

Alstroemeria Flowers
Alstroemeria flowers are very popular flowers and as such feature in many of the flower arrangements that we send. Therefore, it's important that you have a little idea about how to care for them. Traditionally, when you receive Alstroemeria flowers the buds tend to be fairly compressed or tight. So long as you provide the flower with as much nutrients as possible you will guarantee that the buds will Bloom and the recipient of the flowers we will get enjoyment from them for as long as possible. By and large Alstroemeria flowers require more water than most flowers, so please ensure that they are watered every two days. Additionally, you should also add flower food to the water every 2 days. This will generally come with your delivery.
Amaryllis Flowers
More often the night amaryllis flowers will come with a combination of flowers already in bloom and buds that are soon to bloom. To get the most out of amaryllis flowers that have not learnt you must keep them watered at all times, because the stems need as much water as possible to feed the buds that have not blossomed. As the stems are filled with water it's ultra-important that when you are changing the vase water that you place the flowers upside down so that none of the water runs out of the stems. This is critical as it does take time for the water to go back up the stems once you put them back in the vase so limiting the water that comes out when you change the flowers will dramatically help the vase life of the flowers. When you were trimming the stems of amaryllis flowers they tend to be a little brittle so be really careful to use sharp scissors and to not damage the stems too much when cutting them. Ideally you will cut the stems once a day, and change the water every 2 days.
Anemone Flowers - handle with care
All the general rules apply when dealing with anemone flowers however more than most flowers the stems of these flowers are extremely delicate so it's important that you handle them with care. Caring properly for these flowers should give you an extra few days vase life. For more information about how to care for these flowers generally please see our flower care page.
Bells of Ireland Flowers
Bells of Ireland flowers are quite small, but they are extremely highly scented and with the proper care can last 7 to 10 days or maybe even a little more. Bells of Ireland flowers fall into the usual care instructions to find out more about care instructions see link at the bottom of this page.
Birds of Paradise flowers
Birds of Paradise flowers are one of the most recognisable flowers out of the mainstream flowers white roses and lilies. They are striking and looks stunning when arranged with other seasonal Blooms. They usually contain 4 to 6 flowers but often only some of them are visible to the eye,  the balance is normally hidden. Taking care of your birds of paradise flowers can seriously add to the life of them and one of the most important things to do is that when one of the petals starts to die you should pick it off with your fingers as soon as possible. Failing to do this will only increase the rate at which the flower decays. It’s also very important to realise that when you do pick off the dying pet all that you peel out the one that is lying beneath it. It should be quite easy to do this but if it's not you can actually carefully pull it out gently yourself with your fingers. Birds of Paradise flowers traditionally quiet temperature phobic meaning that they prefer warmer places in your home but always out of direct sunlight.
Callas Flowers
Callas flowers can be a beautiful addition to the home when they are made in a bouquet or Bunch but caring for them can and give you an extra few days out of their life. Apart from the usual care instructions there are a few steps you can take to help with this. First of all it's important to realise that these flowers can be damaged quite easily meaning that the flower will go brown so whenever caring for these flowers you must handle them with great care To give careless flowers the best possible chance of surviving more than a few days you must change the water every 2 days, and cut the stems every two days. They tend to be quite thirsty as well so watering every 2 days will help too.
Carnation Flowers
As with most freshly cut flowers that you received it's important to keep them away from any type of fresh food. However, carnations are particularly sensitive to the ripening process of fruit so if you are going to store them in the home please ensure that you keep them as far away as possible from the household fruit bowl. As we've discussed in another article about so I care fruit can give off particular chemicals that are absorbed by flowers that can be helpful and will tend to accelerate the Decay process of your flowers.  an excellent tip for caring for carnations is that when you are changing the water and, in turn, cutting the stems you must cut the stems just above the little buds or what we call nodes. The nose you will notice runner up the flower stems. Cutting the stems in the right place will allow valuable nutrients and water to run correctly up the inside of the stems and to feed the flowers properly. Caring properly for carnation flowers can extend their life quite dramatically, meeting you may get an extra 7 days life out of your carnation flowers.
Chrysanthemum Flowers
Chrysanthemums come in all shapes and sizes and in all colours too,  they are widely used in flower bunches and flower arrangements and are very popular. Like with any flowers though a little bit of care and knowledge will go a long way too giving you an average of 7 to 12 days vase life from chrysanthemums. The first and most simple step 2 give them the best chance of survival is simply to remove any of the flowers that are starting to wilt or looking brown. Browning or wilting flower petals will encourage others to follow suit thereby inhibiting their life. when you receive chrysanthemums in a bunch of flower arrangement they will generally contain other green leaves or foliage attached to the stands. Generally speaking this foliage tends to die fast sooner than the flowers so as soon as you notice this happening please pick off the wilting foliage as soon as possible. Cutting the stems by around about 2 centimetres every 2 days will also help the existing flowers suck up water thereby allowing them to live longer.
Daffodil Flowers - show are when cutting
Daffodil flowers are traditionally bright, sunny, and fun loving. They can't be suitable for all occasions but tend not to be sent for funeral sympathy occasions. They tend to be more fragile around the stems and most other flowers so when you are cutting the stems of daffodils you need to be very careful so as to not damage them. When you add water to the vase with the Daffodils inside them it's really important not to feel the bars right to the top,  you only need to fill it around about 10 cm below the lowest stem. When you are cutting daffodil stems you will find that a white SAP would start to appear after you've made the incision the releasing of this sat after the cut can drastically affect the life of the flowers therefore once you have cut the stem they need to be put into water again as soon as possible. It's worth noting that if you do this and add it to other types of flowers sap may be absorbed by the other flowers and reduce the time that they will survive. So, if you are going to add the flowers back into a vase with existing flowers we advise you added into a separate vase with water through around about two hours before adding them back into the vase with other flowers.
Daisy Flowers -  it's thirsty work
Generally speaking, you can follow all the usual flower care tips we're provided when caring for your daisy flowers. The only one additional Point about daisies that we must share with you is that they are generally one of the thirstiest flowers that we sell therefore we recommend that you add water every day to the vase that you have your daisy flowers in.
Freesia Flowers
Like with daisy flowers you can follow all the usual general instructions on how to care for flowers with a couple of small caveat. First and most important is that freesia flowers do not like cold water and they don't like warm water, it's highly advised that if you go to add water to a vase of freesia flowers that you first leave the jug of water you were going to add to the vase in the kitchen for a few hours to let it get as close to room temperature as possible, then add it to the vase of flowers. The last major tip we have for maintaining freesia flowers is that you pick off the dying buds or flower petals just as soon as you see them.
Gerberas Flowers
It's thirsty work being a Gerbera flower so in addition to keeping the vase full of food and nutrients for the flowers you must change the water every day. Don't forget to also clean the vase every day, if you need any more information about that see the article we created about flower care in the footer of our website. If you cannot find that will place a link to it at the bottom of this flower care page.
Hydrangea Flowers
It almost seemed comical but contrary to most other flowers hydrangea flowers are quite fond of warm water and warm water goes a long way to reinvigorating flower petals that have started to go brown. As with most flowers that come in a bunch it's important to keep them watered daily when they've been added to a vase.
Iris Flowers
Irises are one of the most striking flowers we sell,  they're particularly popular in the cooler months of the year and they can be suitable for all types of occasions. They are quick to mature and blossom therefore the vase life for irises generally aren't as good as other flowers,  you can expect irises to last approximately 4 to 6 days at the most. To ensure you get the best results and for your iris flowers to last the longest possible time you must give them water really and keep the vase that you are storing them in extremely clean and free of grime and bacteria.
Lily Flowers
One of the all-time favourite flowers of people in Australia and all over the world Lily flowers can be absolutely stunning when sitting in a vase in a home and can fill a room with beautiful fragrances. To get the best out of your lily flowers there are some steps that you can take to ensure their life is extended. The first and most obvious thing you can do is that when handling your lily flowers, you must take extra care as they tend to get damaged very easily and can bruise with just one touch of your finger. it's most likely that when you receive a bunch of lilies that you will receive some that are in bloom and some that are not even though they are on the same stems. To guarantee the life of the flowers it's important that when the Bloom start to wilt that you remove them as soon as you can, this will help the buds that have yet to bloom, begin to bloom.
Lisianthus Flowers -  great vase life
Lisianthus flowers are quite common to see in flower bunches as they tend to have an excellent vase life giving you the most satisfaction when receiving flowers. As with all the flowers with listed here you can generally follow the usual flower care instructions, to find out more about these instructions you will see a link at the bottom of this article, please click it to find out more. With the proper care, you can expect lisianthus flowers to last approximately 6 to 9 days in your vase of choice. It's worth noting that not all lisianthus flowers will Bloom from the buds you see on them,  generally speaking the smaller buds are only there to aid the larger buds in flowering which is kind of cool and you need to lisianthus flowers.
Peony Flowers
Peony flowers are one of them most fashionable flowers in the marketplace at the moment, they are featured in all types of movies and are one of the most commonly asked for flowers for weddings. We believe it's probably a combination of the amazing colours,  the huge amount of petals on each flower,  and the vast amounts of different types of perfume that are given off by various peony flowers. In fact, we recently did a really cool blog article about peony flowers so if you would like to learn more about that please click here. However as for caring for peony flowers not only can you follow the usual flower care tips that we have provided but you can also do a few little things to help them specifically last a little longer. For example, you can extend the life of your peony flowers dramatically by keeping them out of direct sunlight. Another really easy way to extend the life of your peony flowers is to handle them with great care as if you rough them up a little bit they will tend to lose their flowers quite easily thereby making them less attractive to the eye and also inhibiting the length of time that they can last in your home. If you follow the proper care instructions that we have provided it's possible that your plan is my last up to 7 days in your vase.
Rose Flowers - they are a little special
Roses are timeless and are one of the most asked for and ordered flowers from any florist, all over the world. They conjure up all types of emotions with love being the most common. There are certain measures you can take after you have received roses to give them the best possible chance of surviving beyond just a few days, and why not, they are so worth it and the occasions usually demands it!
As with most of the flowers you have read about here you should always follow our general flower guide when caring for roses, but there are a few specific things about roses that we feel like we need to share with you. The first and most overlooked is simply that by removing petals that have started to age, brown, or will you are already on the right track to giving your roses an extra day or two life in your vase.
Generally speaking, when roses start to wilt, as a whole, there is a small window of opportunity here that you will be able to revive them. The first step to reviving them is that you need to get them out of the water as soon as you can and trim the bottom of the stairs by approximately 3 cm, making sure that the cut you make is at a 45-degree angle. It's also advised that after you have cut the bottom of the stems to first put them in the sink in your kitchen with around 10 cm of water in it, before returning them to the vase. It's hard advised that you leave them in the sink with water for approximately 50 minutes to 1 hour before and gently return them to the vase.
Roses are extremely sensitive to temperature and without any doubt whatsoever they must be kept in the coolest part of your home, ideally not in the kitchen as the kitchen tends to warm up when you are cooking meals, this will in turn affect how long your roses will last in your home.

In this article we have mentioned on a number of occasions about our other article on how to care for flowers, and flowers tips, you can read that full article here