Christmas is almost here! Is your Christmas gift list ready? Check out Lily’s Florist Christmas Flowers and see how our floral creations make fabulous holiday presents for your friends and loved ones.

Lily’s Florist has the most festive flowers for the season and they’re guaranteed to please even the pickiest people on your list. Our beautiful Christmas Flowers showcase the sophisticated Yuletide colours of white, green and red with touches of gold and silver here and there. We stick with these popular Christmas hues because of what they represent. Green is a colour of good luck and, well, the colour of the Christmas tree. Red is the shade of the Holly berries which is believed to symbolize the blood of Christ shed to save mankind. White represents the snow of winter and is also associated with purity and peace which are Christian values that we get reminded of especially during Christmas season. Our florists style our Christmas Flowers with some gold or silver ribbons or accents to make it look vibrant and sparkly and truly festive.

Are you ready to order your Christmas Flower gifts? We’ve prepared a quick guide to make your Christmas Flower shopping quicker, easier, and more convenient.

Christmas Wreaths, Bouquets, and Floral Centerpieces

Bouquets, wreaths, and flower gift baskets are among the popular options when sending Christmas Flowers.

Christmas wreaths are best given to immediate family members. This circle arrangement of fresh flowers reminds us of the unending circle of life and of a family’s unconditional love and support.

Bouquets and floral arrangements are perfect for your friends and relatives. Send our Christmas Bunch to someone who enjoys flower arranging. You can add an elegant vase plus a bottle of wine for a truly festive present. Also part of Lily’s Florist’s Christmas Flowers collection are vase arrangements filled with the most stunning red and white blossoms accented with lush greenery. Red roses, pink lilies, magenta carnations and white filler flowers are combined together to form stylish Christmas bouquets and floral arrangements.

Our vase arrangements and flower sets in a box are compact, convenient and thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. Because these Christmas Flowers come pre-arranged in a pot, vase, or decorative box containers with floral foam, they are ready for display and won’t need any form of trimming or arranging.

Another great Christmas Flower gift option is a flower and gift hamper ensemble. Our Ultimate Christmas Basket Flowers is an all-in-one festive basket of holiday goodies with Christmas flowers, wine, and sweet and savoury treats.

If you already have a chosen Christmas flower floral design and would only want to add a Christmas gift basket, we have our Christmas Hamper to offer. This holiday gift hamper is filled with nuts, chocolates, cheese, chocolates and other savory and sweet edibles that are good for sharing.

Christmas Flowers for Your Home

Our Christmas Flowers are not only good as gifts for your loved ones; they’re also excellent gifts for yourself and your home. Treat yourself and your humble abode to luxurious Christmas décor in the form of fresh flowers.

Top local florists from all over Australia are now ready to prepare stylish Christmas flowers that will add some festive cheer to your home and even to your workplace.

One of our bestselling Christmas Flowers is our Christmas Poinsettia Flowers. The poinsettia plant is native to Central America and was popularized by Joel Roberts Poinsett (hence we call this famous Christmas plant as poinsettia). He was the first to grow the Poinsettia plant in South Carolina and shared its beauty to his friends and to botanical gardens. One of those who received the first poinsettias was Colonel Robert Carr who is the owner of Bartram Nursery of Philadelphia and who introduced the cultivation and trade of this striking red flower in 1829.

In 1833, a German taxonomist re-named Poinsettia (or Euphorbia poinsettia) as Euphorbia pulcherrima which means “the most beautiful.” The poinsettia was used as outdoor plant during the 1800’s and it was only in 1920 when this red blossom was promoted as a Christmas Flower by horticulturist Paul Ecke. Today, Paul Ecke Ranch continues to produce poinsettias and has bred this Christmas Flower in all shades of red as well as in other hues such as purples, pink, white and bicolors.

Lily’s Florist’s Poinsettia Plant makes joyful Christmas flower decors. You can display them anywhere – in the living room center table, the dining room’s console, in the entrance hall, in the bedroom or bath; they will look stunning no matter where you place them.

If you’re specifically looking for Christmas Flowers to be used as table centerpieces, Lily’s Florist has them too. Our florists can prepare an ensemble of poinsettias, pine cones, roses, white lilies, red hypericum berries and seeded eucalyptus to complement candles, sparkling balls and pretty platters in your dining table. With our mesmerizing Christmas Flowers, your guests surely will have something to swoon over.

Decorating your home with showstopping Christmas Flowers is easy when you shop online at Lily’s Florist. Whether you only have a tiny corner or a full house to decorate, our Christmas Flowers can bring some stylish oomph to your space. From wreaths for your walls and doors to centerpieces for the dinner table and small Christmas flower arrangements for desks, dressers and window sills, Christmas is in full bloom here at Lily’s Florist.

Read to inject the colour and festive vibe of the holidays into your home? Take a closer look at our assortment of Christmas Flowers and see how our rosy reds, creamy whites, rich greens and bits of sparkle can amp up your holiday décor.

Feel free to order Christmas Flowers this early to avoid the holiday rush. Christmas is a crazy time of the year but our Christmas flower arrangements and reliable delivery service can help make your holiday decorating and gift-giving stress-free.

What are you waiting for? Start your Christmas Flower gift-giving early and deck your halls now with festive flowers prepared and delivered by Lily’s Florist.