Bouquet Delivery

A Bouquet Delivery from Lily’s Florist may be Just the Beginning!

Unleashing Your Creativity: Customised Bouquet Delivery

Not sure what to order in floral arrangements and gifts? No worries! If you let our experienced floral artists use their creativity, they will show you how to customise your bouquet delivery to suit any occasion. You better believe it! You can even specify certain colours you have a preference in, or perhaps a stunning gift-wrapped bouquet you have had your eye on for some time.

Our Floral Specialties: From Gerberas to Carnations

Let our skilled florists know about it and they will be delighted to provide an elegant range of hand-crafted bouquets to choose from – just for you! Lily’s Florist can fashion a bouquet delivery of mixed flowers ranging from elegant arrangements of a cheerful Bright Mixed Gerbera Bunch to our gorgeous rainbows of Roses and Carnations Bunch. Each bouquet delivery is designed to pack a punch of colour while still completing any area of the office or home.

Quality That Speaks for Itself: Lily's Florist's Floral Promise

We can tell you here and now that we are renowned for producing the highest quality bouquets, even if you may not be any of the world’s most influential persons, Lily’s Florist will still be dedicated to bringing you a personalised quality bouquet delivery! You see, Lily’s Florist’s portfolio includes some of the most stunning flower arrangements and gifts to suit all.

Timeless Blooms: The History and Evolution of Bouquets

But hey! Here’s a bit of floral trivia to get a fresh look in: It’s been well documented that a floral bouquet is a collection of flowers fashioned into a creative arrangement; and the bouquet can be made up for the décor of a public building, a home, or can be hand-held. Flower bouquets are frequently given for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays and quite extensively in weddings.

Bouquets in Culture: Floral Symbolism Across the World

Flower imagery is mutual in many nations, and can be very multifaceted. In China, for instance, certain flowers signify seasons: white plum blossoms embody winter, peach and cherry blossoms characterise spring, lotus epitomises summer, and chrysanthemums autumn.

The Hidden Purpose Behind Bridal Bouquets

Now, let’s ask, why would a bride wish to carry a bouquet? Actually, the source of this custom could be slightly hazy, but would you believe, one of the whys and wherefores that brides sported bouquets came about in the need to cover odour!

Reviving the Old Traditions: Bridal Bouquets in Modern Times

Around the 1700s, brides began to wear beautiful bouquets, simply because of the lovely look and colour of the arrangement. This still being in practice today, in current times, brides now choose their own flowers with shapes and colours of their liking. Beautiful blooms that go with their bridal gown, their personality, and unique taste and style.

Why Lily's Florist? Quality, Style, and Personalised Service

But really, if in any doubt, we can assure you Lily’s Florist’s boutique delivery of wedding arrangements are second to none! Because, when quality matters, more and more customers are choosing our lovely bouquets.

Lily's Florist's Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Here at Lily’s Florist, every day is an innovative prospect for us as we are always open to the latest flower trends. Our aim is to continuously do all we can to make sure that our customers are contented and happy; because in our world of flowers, quality and satisfaction for our customers are our top aims.

Bouquets as Messengers of Love and Emotions

We do know that the bouquet reached its peak in Victorian times when flowers were the secret emissaries of love and lovers, with each flower displaying its own meaning.

The Evolution of Floral Bouquets Over the Decades

The bouquet fell out of favour during the first half of the 20th century, and slowly came back into fashion over the last few decades. There have been many types of floral bouquets, with names like the Biedermeier, Nosegay, Arm Sheafs and the almost forgotten Composite Bouquet.

Lily's Florist: A Modern, Digital-Savvy Floral Delivery Service

Meanwhile, back to the present, although Lily’s Florist has been around quite some time, we pride ourselves on being contemporary, relevant and digitally savvy. We have the ability and commitment, to quickly adapt to and meet our customers’ needs.

Flowers: More Than Just Beautiful Blooms

When we see a carnation, rose, peony, or even an Asiatic lilies, we just do not view them as beautiful flowers, we see it as an opportunity to aid you in expressing your feelings; like adoration, appreciation, gratitude, love, or sympathy.

Our Promise: Quality Bouquet Delivery for Every Special Occasion

Our bouquet delivery service for all your floral gifts will be exactly the way you always dreamed it to be. With our specialised florists, we’ve got it covered with the best quality gifts.

The Magic of Custom Styled Wedding Flowers

We suggest and offer custom styled wedding flowers, statement pieces and corporate event bouquets to an astute market. It's all about discovering the correct look for you, with flowers that mirror your taste and personality.

Floral Surprise: Discover our Stunning Pink Bouquet and Purple Surprise Bouquet

Take for instance, Lily’s Florist’s Stunning Pink Bouquet. Here we have a veritable symphony of pinks in every shade, just to suit you. And how about our Purple Surprise Bouquet, that If this bouquet of purple doesn’t surprise you, then maybe you’re not be looking close enough.

Guarantee of Freshness: Our Same-Day Bouquet Delivery Promise

Since we have instigated our bouquet delivery service, we are committed to sending your flowers on the same day as you order them. We are certain that no event justifies to be missed; accordingly, we make certain that your flowers are sent on time. In presenting a same-day bouquet delivery, we are we also capable of delivering the freshest range of flowers, virtually as if they have been picked moments ago.

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