Rose And Carnation Bunch

Rose And Carnation Bunch

Have you used the cryptic language of flowers to express your emotions? Each bloom has a meaning that you can use to communicate how you feel. This rose and carnation bunch, for example, is a floral ensemble that suggests gratefulness.

The pink rose suggests affection, joy, and grace. It's the flower that you'd want to give to tell Mum how thankful you are for everything that she does. It is also the flower to tell your wife how grateful you are for her love. You can also send a pink rose to express admiration to someone's beauty.

Delicate carnations are likewise flowers of gratitude. The pink variety, in particular, is one that says "I'll never forget you" which translates to keeping someone's kindness or goodness in memory.

Given such, this gorgeous combination of pink roses and pink carnations is a gift to give when you want to thank someone for the unforgettable moments you've shared together. This blushing floral bunch is best paired with a clear glass vase and a gift hamper.

Vase not included.


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