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Send a bouquet of Lily’s Florist roses today and celebrate love and romance in the most heartwarming way - rose delivery Australia wide.. There is no better way to express what you feel than sending a beautiful arrangement of vivid, fresh cut roses from Lily’s Florist.

Rose: The Finest of Flowers

A rose is a classic choice for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries but there’s more to the romantic message that it typically sends. It is the enduringly favourite flower in the world and there are valid reasons behind that. For one, there are over 100 species of rose and each one has that special charm that will prickle your heart. A rose flower has so much beauty to show in all its parts but many are attracted to the petals. The colour, substance, fragrance, form and arrangement of petals fascinate people. You see, roses can have a single row of petals, two to three rows of 12 petals, or may have as much as 26 to more than 40 petals. Its form is also enchanting. Is there someone who can fail to notice a single red rose in a tall glass vase? The cupped, well-defined form of roses is too striking to be left unnoticed. And while the fragrance isn’t the main reason why people grow and give roses, it sure is a nice benefit. Almost all parts of the rose emit fragrance and that rich yet delicate scent is truly desirable.

Send fresh, fragrant roses from Lily’s Florist

If you want to send a bouquet of fragrant roses as a flower present, be sure to consider giving any of these rose variants:
  • Crimson Glory or the red hybrid tea
  • Tiffany roses or the pink and yellow blend hybrid tea
  • Sunsprite or yellow floribunda
  • Double delight or the red-white bicolored hybrid tea
  • Fragrant Hour or the orange-pink hybrid tea
  • Granada or the red multicolored hybrid tea
  • Fragrant Cloud or the orange-red hybrid tea
These are Gamble Award winners that are not just fragrant but also possess superior form, color, and substance.

Lily’s Florist Rose Bouquets and Arrangements are the perfect gift for any occasion

Roses are indeed perfect flowers that suit almost any occasion. At Lily’s Florist, you are guaranteed that only the freshest and most vibrant ones are used to create your flower arrangement of choice. Whether you need for a romantic night, for a special event, or simply to decorate your home, we guarantee to deliver beautiful, fresh roses.

The magnificence of roses stands for several things – it may symbolize love, beauty, dedication and even war or politics. No wonder roses are cultivated and grown across the world. Roses are available in different types and colours and are sent as gifts for occasions such as anniversary, wedding, birthday, promotion, and even in funerals.

Signature Charm of Fresh Roses
At Lily’s Florist, we carry a range of rose flower arrangements including birthday rose flowers, anniversary rose bouquets, and bunch of roses in vase for Christmas. We are ready to bring you the timeless beauty of roses right to your doorstep. Our bouquets were made to look simple yet very elegant. Each of our rose bouquet is carefully prepared by our trained florists. We also have a selection of gorgeous rose garden bouquets that are sure to fill any room with delicate fragrance. You can’t go wrong with roses as they will always be a perfect choice. With the eloquence of their beauty, they never fail to send the true message of your heart. And with our special arrangements, you can vividly express just what you’re feeling.

Exquisite Fresh Rose with Unbeatable Value

Our great floral gifts are handcrafted by local florists who have extensive knowledge in the language of flowers and in the art of creating flower arrangements. We guarantee that our clients and flower gift recipients will receive the freshest blooms at the best value. Whether you have a budget for a single red rose in a presentation box, or in a special rose arrangement complete with stuffed bear, balloons and chocolates, Lily’s Florist can offer you rose arrangements at unbeatable prices.
So allow us to help you create beautiful memories and celebrate wonderful moments through the beauty, the charm, and splendor of roses.