Why do people exchange flowers and gifts every February 14? Who is Saint Valentine? How did the celebration of Valentine’s Day started? What are the best Valentine’s Day flowers?

Lily’s Florist takes an in-depth look at this centuries-old holiday and shares with you some interesting information about this celebration of love.


It was on February 14 in the third century A.D. when a man named Valentinus was executed. The reason for execution varies as there is little information available about the life of this man. Some say that Valentinus, who is St. Valentine, was executed because he refused to renounce Christianity and his faith. Other stories say that he secretly wed couples prompting Emperor Claudius II to have him beheaded. Because of the inconsistencies about his life story, the Roman Catholic Church removed the February 14 Feast Day of St. Valentine from the Roman Calendar although he is still listed as a saint in Roman Martyrolgy.

St. Valentine’s true identity remains unknown up until this day. What researchers, archaeologists and the Church know is that he did really exist. His relics can be found in Rome, Ireland, Poland, France, Vienna, Malta, and Scotland.

There is no one reliable story that can confirm his connection with the holiday but St. Valentine is universally considered as the Patron Saint of engaged couples, lovers, young people, and happy marriages. Interestingly, St. Valentine is also the patron saint of beekeepers and is called upon by epilepsy patients, travelers, and those afflicted by plague.


Just like St. Valentine’s life and his association with the day of romance, no one really knows how the 14th of February came to be a holiday celebrating love. Some say that the Father of English literature, Geoffrey Chaucer (yes the Chaucer known for his Canterbury Tales), may have invented the celebration. Chaucer wrote a poem around 1375 referring to February 14 as Saint Valentine’s Day and links romantic love to this holiday. Prior to this poem, there were no records of romantic celebrations.

Another origin of this romantic celebration is attributed to a pagan festival called Lupercalia. The Christian church was said to be responsible in placing St. Valentine’s feast day in the middle of February to imbue the Christian spirit in the Lupercalia festival that’s dedicated to the Roman god of agriculture – Faunus. There is an order of Roman priests called Luperci where members would offer a goat for fertility. The goat’s hide would be stripped and dipped into the sacrificial blood of a dog then will be gently slapped onto women and crop fields. After that, according to the legend, a match-making tradition is observed where young women in the area would place their name in an urn and bachelors would each choose a name and become paired with the chosen woman.

At the end of the 5th century, the Lupercalia festival was outlawed because it was deemed “un-Christian.” That’s also the time when Pope Gelasius declared St. Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February. Later on, that day became associated with love.

Coincidentally, birds’ mating season begin on February 14 during the Middle Ages, in France and England. That seemed to add to the idea that St. Valentine’s Day is a day for romance.


It was in 1913 when Hallmark first offered its first ever Valentine’s card and they began mass producing them in 1916. Ever since, gifts sent to celebrate the day of love come accompanied by a card with sweet or sentimental message. Statistics show that over a hundred million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged during this time.

Half of the people celebrating this day of romance buy red roses. Hence, the red rose became the ultimate Valentine’s Day flower. But aside from the classic red rose, there are other equally romantic blossoms that make excellent Valentine’s Day flowers.

The dainty and ruffly carnations are Valentine’s Day flowers for young lovers. Linked with fascination, a bouquet of carnations is a great choice for relationships in its early stages. The feminine appearance and long vase life of carnations make them perfect as Valentine’s Day flowers.

Fragrant lilies can also be considered as romantic Valentine’s Day flowers. Whether you choose a red, white, orange or pink lily, you’ll be able to express your love and affection in a thoughtful and stylish way through this elegant blossom. If you want a truly dramatic choice for Valentine’s Day flowers, pick Casa Blanca lilies. This standout lily has huge flowers in gleaming white plus a sweet perfume.

Another awesome choice for Valentine’s Day flowers is an arrangement of fresh tulips. Since tulips are hardy and will last for days, they make great representations of your deep-rooted and never ending love. Just like the red rose, the deep red tulips are seen to be the one that declares romantic love.

The opulent beauty of orchids also makes them ideal Valentine’s Day flowers. It is during this celebration when people want to spoil their loved one and lavish them with extravagant gifts. If your budget won’t permit you to buy a diamond jewelry set just yet, pick an orchid flower arrangement to give to your beloved instead. Orchids are exotic Valentine’s Day flowers that are sure to please. They are unique and meaningful as they symbolize refinement, seduction, beauty and love.

Part of our selection of Valentine’s Day flowers is the eye-catching sunflower. What better flower to give to the lady who brings sunshine into your life that this striking bloom? Sunflower, in the language of flowers, communicate loyalty.

Want to know if quantity matters when sending Valentine’s Day flowers? Not really, but the number of flowers can indicate certain messages. One single rose says that the recipient is your one and only. Three stems of Valentine’s Day flowers communicate the three magic words “I love you.” Say “Be mine” with a dozen of fresh blossoms and say “You’re always in my mind” with 24 red roses. The hidden message behind 21 stems of Valentine’s Day flowers is “I am dedicated to you” while a bouquet of three dozen Valentine’s Day flowers say “I’m head over heels in love with you.”


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