“Happy Birthday to you...”

You probably sang along with us as you read that. That familiar phrase has been sung through time and it still is now. Birthdays are happy days and we always want to celebrate it with our family and friends and make someone’s birthday a moment to remember.

Going to the mall to buy a birthday present is way too common and sometimes we just don’t have the time to stroll around while trying to think of which gift is best for your recipient. Why not give something natural and grand at the same time? You’re thinking it right, go ahead and ask yourself – why not give someone flowers for their birthday?

Yes! We definitely recommend that you give flowers on important occasions like birthdays! You see, flowers can have a double purpose during birthday celebrations. Aside from being the gift itself; flowers can be table centerpieces, wall ornaments, and even body accessories! What makes it even better is that it can be ordered online through Lily’s Florist.

Our birthday flowers are available for same day and next day delivery. If you are planning ahead, contact us for your pre-orders; however, if you suddenly have an urgent need to send flowers, you can order by 2 PM on weekdays and prior to 10 AM every Saturday and we will deliver your flowers the same day to your recipient’s doorstep.

So are you thinking roses or gerberas? You’re in luck because we have both! There is no turning back now, read on and make a choice, order the coolest birthday floral package here!

Awesome birthday packages for your family and friends

Hooray all day with a Birthday Package Special

Luscious and colourful, this ensemble of vibrant multi-coloured roses with attractive foliage is an eye-catcher and a heart-catcher. It doesn’t only carry beautiful flowers; it also comes with a happy birthday balloon and a box of chocolates. Did we say it’s already set in a box? Yes, it’s all that good and ready for display. Anyone who receives this will be glad they celebrated their birthdays with you on their friends’ list. Save $15 when you buy this impressive happy natal day package.

Send love and cuddles with our 12 Red Roses + Teddy + Birthday Balloon

Sprinkle some romance on your partner’s birthday and give this mesmerizing gathering of a dozen roses with lush foliage. Roses are eternally captivating and will definitely reflect your love and affection for someone on his or her birthday. But wait, there’s more – this package also comes with a happy birthday balloon and an adorable squishy teddy bear. Be ready for some thank you hugs when you get home!

Bring in the sunshine with our Gerbera Bunch + Teddy + Birthday Balloon

When you want to make someone smile, send some gerberas. That is a fact. The perkiness and vibrancy of gerbera daisies will sure win the heart of the birthday celebrator. The richness of colours in each gerbera flower is a celebration itself and it will absolutely carve a smile on anyone’s face. Fill someone’s heart with joy on their birthdays with this flower bunch plus the company of a cute teddy bear.

Give hugs even when you’re away with our Bright Bunch + Teddy + Birthday Balloon

Birthdays of our family and friends are important but there will be times we cannot personally send them our birthday wishes. It’s fine, maybe next time right? But for now, send them some hugs through flowers. The bright rose bunch in this floral package is the way to do it. Send this birthday floral package the same day and make your family and friends feel you are just beside them, embracing them on their favourite day of the year.

Fly high on birthdays with our Birthday Balloon Bouquet

Bouquets are not only for flowers, it’s also for balloons. Our birthday balloon bouquet is certainly something you should pair with the flowers of your preference. Balloons are not only as colourful as flowers, but also as perky! Birthday surprises are always better with flowers and balloons all around.

Flowers, chocolates, balloons, and teddies – what else? We also have a bottle of sparkling, French champagne, and white wine for you. Complement your chosen birthday package with our awesome extra items that you can add to your floral gift.