July Birthday Month Flowers

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July Birthday Month Flowers

The months of the year each have designated flowers that represent the unique qualities of those born during that time. Dating back centuries, the tradition of birth flowers adds extra layers of meaning and symbolism to celebrations of life throughout the seasons.

July is represented by two stunning flowers - the larkspur and water lily. While very different in appearance growing in opposite environments, both flowers evoke imagery of beauty emerging from unlikely places. Their vibrant hues and intriguing shapes have long captivated those who encounter them.

The larkspur stands tall on thin green stalks, its spurred blooms dangling delicately like skyward fireworks. A hardy wildflower, it pops up unexpectedly to spread joyful colors across meadows and hillsides. Though delicate in form, larkspur possesses a feisty spirit not easily broken.

On calm lakes and slow-moving streams, another July flower floats serenely. Water lilies open pristine white or vivid purples atop rounded pads of foliage. Their brief blossoms seem too lovely to be real, a vision of loveliness floating where few can see. A symbol of enlightenment, water lilies rise above murky depths towards sunlight with an air of majestic grace.

Together, larkspur and water lily represent the balance of fire and water that defines July. Their contrasting habitats of land and sea, skyward spikes and floating cups, fiery hues and cool pastels, fiery passion and calm reflection - all reflect the dichotomy of energies that surge and flow throughout this summer month. For those born in July, these flowers hold symbolic messages that add deeper layers of significance to birthdays and life paths.

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The larkspur is a vibrant wildflower that lifts its spires proudly towards the sky. Slender green stalks carry clusters of delicate flowers that dazzle onlookers with their sheer variety of hues.

July Birthday Month Flowers - larkspur

Tall spikes erupt from the earth, reaching anywhere from 30 to 90 centimetres in height. Displaying an innate sense of vigor and vitality, larkspurs burst forth enthusiastically each season to paint colorful scenes across the landscape. Along each stem dangle dangling drupelets in vivid shades of blue, purple, pink or the occasional white.

These showy blooms attract beneficial pollinators with their frilly forms. Each flower features a unique spurred design, narrow petals fused at the base that flare outwards. Their fanciful silhouettes sway gently in the breeze, dancing amongst surrounding foliage from June until September. Though fragile in appearance, larkspurs withstand varied weather to spread their cheerful presence for months.

Symbolism and Meanings of Larkspur

As one of the hardiest wildflowers, larkspur carries symbolic implications of lightheartedness and an open-hearted spirit. Its tall spikes reaching for the sun symbolise an uplifting nature that sees beyond earthly troubles.

The differing color varieties each hold their own nuanced meanings. Pink larkspurs represent a fickle or inconstant nature, as their hue evokes a gentle passion. White blooms denote a happy, carefree soul, while purple signifies the romantic notion of first love in full bloom.

For those with birthdays in July, the larkspur's innate vibrancy and perseverance despite challenges conveys a message. Its ability to spread beauty widely even from humble beginnings symbolises spreading joy through life with levity, passion, and an open heart facing skyward.

Symbolism and Meanings of Larkspur

Water Lily

While larkspurs thrive on dry land, water lilies float serenely upon gentle currents and still ponds. Diverse members of the Nymphaeaceae family, over 70 identified species inhabit freshwater environments across the globe.

Vibrant blooms emerge from broad, circular pads of foliage to color the surfaces of lakes, streams, and other bodies of water. Their striking hues stand out amongst shades of green - white as pure as new fallen snow, purples rich as a summer twilight, reds passionate as a lover's blush.

Blooming from October through March in Australia, water lilies are an ephemeral sight. Each perfect flower lasts only a few days before succumbing to the watery embrace that birthed it. Their transient beauty reminds onlookers to appreciate each fleeting moment. Day after day, new buds replace those faded to prolong the aquatic garden's vibrant display.

Symbolism and Meanings of Water Lily

Water lilies carry symbolic implications of purity, majesty, and enlightenment. Though rooted in muddy bottoms, their pristine blooms seem to rise from the depths towards clarity.

White blossoms denote purity of mind, body, and spirit. Purple hues symbolise royal power and authority emerging from humble places. Red flowers represent the purest form of love and romance. Meanwhile, blue lilies invoke the power of knowledge and wisdom gained through life's experiences.

For those people born in July, the water lily's ability to illuminate even the murkiest of waters with beauty conveys a message. Its ephemeral yet prolific presence symbolises briefly spreading enlightenment and clarity through each phase of life with grace, color, and an air of majestic tranquility.

Symbolism and Meanings of Water Lily

Significance of July Birthday Flowers

The larkspur and water lily possess strikingly unique characteristics that make them ideal representatives for those born in July. Their contrasting habitats of land and water, vibrant color palettes, and symbolic meanings all contribute profound significance to birthday celebrations and life reflections for July babies.

Each flower's innate qualities reflect the dichotomies inherent in a July birth month. Larkspurs thrive in sunshine with an open-hearted spirit, paralleling the fiery energies ruling the sky at this time. Meanwhile, water lilies blossom serenely amidst murky waters, mirroring the calming currents flowing below.

For birthday celebrations and gifts, incorporating these flowers adds layers of symbolic meaning. Larkspur bouquets would convey well-wishes of an uplifting spirit and following one's dreams with color and levity. Water lilies in a pond setting symbolise spreading clarity and beauty from one's core.

Flower arrangements, cakes, and decor inspired by these birth month blooms allow loved ones to honour a July baby's essence. Their inclusion infuses celebrations with positive messages of overcoming challenges, spreading joy, and enlightening each phase of life's journey with grace, tranquility and passion.

Seeds of Wisdom

To recap, larkspurs thrive with a vibrant spirit, their delicate blooms dancing proudly on tall green stalks in hues of pink, purple, blue and white. Water lilies float serenely, ephemeral beauties illuminating muddy waters with pristine cups of white, purple, red or blue.

The difference inherent in these contrasting plants represent the balance of fiery energies and calm currents that define being born in July. Larkspurs symbolise spreading joy through challenges with an open heart, while water lilies signify enlightening life's journeys with grace and tranquility.

For July babies, incorporating their birth month flowers adds profound layers of meaning to celebrations and gifts. Larkspur bouquets convey wishes of passion and following dreams, water lily arrangements hopes of spreading wisdom and purity from within.

The tradition of birth flowers honours each month's unique energies and those born within them. The larkspur and water lily embody July's vibrant spirit through contrasts in form, habitat and hue and messages of overcoming obstacles with color, levity and spreading illumination across one's path. Their innate beauty and symbolism will delight and inspire all who encounter them.


As a july baby I can certainly, or at least my friends can, attest to fickleness :)
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