January Birth Flower - Carnations

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January Birth Flower

First published 02/03/2020
Updated 08/05/2024

Carnation Birth Flower for the January-Born

Welcome to the allure of January’s birth flower—the captivating Carnation! Just as zodiac signs and birth stones, each month boasts its own unique bloom. For those ushered into life in January, the Carnation is their floral counterpart, whispering tales of their personality and character. Dive into the fascinating world of this charming flower and unravel the symbolism it holds for January-born individuals!

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Carnation as a January birth flower is said to represent characteristics of those who are born on this month. Let’s get to know this charming flower and see if it indeed holds symbolism for those born on the first month of the year.

Facts About Carnations

Scientifically known as Dianthus caryophyllus, carnation is a flower characterized by a radial symmetry of ruffled petals. It has slender leaves and a sweet scent. The carnation plant can grow up to 78 centimetres in height and has a natural (originally) purple-pink color. Now, carnations come in various shades of yellow, orange, red, green and white. Genetic engineering, in fact, can now produce blue-mauve carnations.

This flower is edible and many restaurants actually use it to decorate different dishes. Carnations are used in cake decoration and can also be steeped in wine.

Carnations also have medicinal benefits. In France, carnation oil is considered as a muscle relaxant perfect for reducing inflammation and stress relief. Carnation essential oil also helps soften skin, prevents hair loss, and brings relief from stomach gas.

Symbolism of Carnation

Given carnations’ good looks, this flower is often associated with admiration and affection. It’s charming, ruffled petals and soft, feminine appeal earned it the connotation “the flower of gratitude.” Such symbolism could have also stemmed from the first official celebration of Mother’s Day where celebration founder Anna Jarvis gave away carnations – her deceased mother’s favourite flower – to mothers who attended the service. Carnations were then considered as the official Mother’s Day flower.

In floriography or the language of flowers, carnation carries different meanings depending on colour.

  • Light pink carnations denote gratitude
  • Dark pink carnations denote tenderness, fondness or blooming love
  • Dark red carnations denote deep love
  • Light red carnations denote admiration
  • White carnations denote purity and good luck
  • Yellow carnation denotes rejection and disappointment
  • Purple carnations denote capriciousness, apology, or sympathy
  • Green carnations are used to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

What Carnation Birth Flower Says About Your Personality

They say, a birth flower can also reveal the personality of people. So if you are born in the month of January, you have in you the characteristics of carnations. 

Those who are born in January are said to be genuine, down-to-earth, and loyal just like their birth flower which has a charming, distinct yet unassuming look. Like the carnation, January-born people carry themselves with confidence, stand-out from the crowd, and never try to blend in.

January or “carnation people” are also seen to be protective of their loved ones, determined to succeed, and always ready to lend a helping hand. Like the flower that represents devoted love, January-born individuals are also determined and devoted in love.

Do these character descriptions hold true for you or for someone you love? Celebrate a January-born in your life with a gift of fresh Dianthus. Let them know how special they are through a delightful bouquet of handpicked carnations.

The Carnation, with its varied hues and enchanting symbolism, beautifully mirrors the multifaceted personalities of those born in January. Genuine, loyal, and distinct—January-born individuals, much like their floral emblem, stand out and radiate warmth. Whether you identify with these characteristics or are celebrating someone special this month, a bouquet of carnations is a delightful way to acknowledge and appreciate the uniqueness of January-born individuals.