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    Deal Of The Day - Flower Bunch

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Kelso Florist | Flowers Delivered To Kelso | Townsville | Today From $28

Lily's Florist Kelso - Townsville's favourite florist. 

Who We Are

Through creativity, Lily’s Florist Kelso make people happy!

We are a high performance delivery florist dedicated towards delivering floral gifts that create world-class user experience across Kelso, the country, or around the world.

Our approach is that you, our customer, are the most important visitor on our premises, and we intend to help in any way we can. You are not an interruption to our work – you are the purpose of it. You are not an outsider in our business – you are part of it. We love doing you a favour by serving you.

Our whole family has been very gratified in making those special times even extra special. From weddings to engagements, to birthdays and funerals, the success of our diligence is due to one thing: the quality of our flowers and the quality of our team members who work together.

Some comments from our customers have been: “Lush, motivating, colourful and jaw-dropping”. Those are the words we have heard our customers describe flowers for their wedding arrangements; so this is how we would like to ensure all your floral gifts are the most memorable ever, all the time.

You see, our company is based on the rich and traditional values of customer service. We quantify our success with our customer’s success. Our knowledge, enthusiasm and culture in the business gives you, our customer, the assurance to rely on us.

Why not get in touch today? Need a flower bunch today? Call now.
Discover Kelso

About 19 kilometres southwest of the Townsville CBD is an emerging residential suburb called Kelso. Being the southern-most of three suburbs along the western side of the Upper Ross River, Kelso was named after early Scottish settlers, James and Mary Kelso in 1878. Their cattle property was located on Five Head Creek and called Laudham Park.

The Townsville City Council resumed 1620 hectares of the property’s best grazing land in 1970 to make way for the construction of the Ross River Dam. During this time, Laudham Park covered over 40,000 hectares by the Upper Ross River on both sides, stretching through to the slopes of Mount Stuart and out to a section of Herveys Range called the Pinnacles.

The Ross River Dam is at the south-eastern side of Kelso and was constructed in the 1970s for industrial and domestic reticulation to Thuringowa and Townsville central. The majority of Laudham Park is now under water from the construction of the dam, and the remainder is the suburb of Kelso today.

The first of the residential blocks began selling in 1966, and in 1986, the Kelso primary school was opened. As at the 2011 Census, the population was a little over 10,200 residents.

During the early days, goats were a very common sight in and around Kelso and Townsville. Because of their increasing numbers, the Townsville Council had to introduce a system of licensing. With this system, the Council had better ways of rounding up stray, unlicensed animals for sale. Goats were kept by households mainly to provide meat and milk for the family.