• Florist's Choice Bunch

    Florist's Choice Bunch

    From $71

    Need a little help with your flower bouquet choice? Sure, we get that, have a think about ...

  • Deal Of The Day - Flower Bunch

    Deal Of The Day - Flower Bunch

    From $73

    Get big savings from our awesome Deal of the Day Floral Bunch. Available for same day deli...

  • Deal Of The Day - Flower Arrangement

    Deal Of The Day - Flower Arrangement

    From $77

    Best value flowers picked for you by an expert - that's hassle-free online flower shopping...

  • Florist's Choice Arrangement

    Florist's Choice Arrangement

    From $81

    Box of florists picked flowers, fully customised depending on what occasion the flowers ar...

  • Blue Mist Bunch With Free Chocolates

    Blue Mist Bunch With Free Chocolates

    From $85

    Cool and collected fresh flower arrangement sweetened up by a box of your favourite chocol...

  • Colourful Bunch With Free Chocolates

    Colourful Bunch With Free Chocolates

    From $85

    Bright, vivid colour, extremely awesome value, save $19 on these florist delivered flowers...

  • Bright Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    Bright Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    From $95

    Flowers and chocolates make people feel better. Send this gift duo to a dear friend today ...

  • Bright Bunch With Free Vase

    Bright Bunch With Free Vase

    From $99

    Flowers delivered by Australia's best and most reputable delivery florist. Free vase!

  • Florists Choice 12 Roses

    Florists Choice 12 Roses

    From $105

    12 randomly selected roses, great for all occasions. Same day delivery.

  • Roses And Gerberas With Free Vase

    Roses And Gerberas With Free Vase

    From $110

    Flowers for a joyful celebration of love! Roses and gerberas in pink hues are combined to ...


Port Macquarie Flowers | Lily's Florist | Now Online From $28

Make a bold statment of love with flowers - by Lily's Florist.

Enliven the beauty of relationships through flowers at Port Macquarie when you send fresh, stunning flowers delivered only by Lily’s Florist. Order absolutely stunning, original, cost conscious, and seriously cool flowers online or call a flower expert today.

Lily’s Florist is  the #1 online florist to Port Macquarie NSW, providing hassle-free same day flower delivery to all parts of Australia. With a goal to continuously bring flowers into homes, schools, churches, and establishments in Australia, Lily’s Florist wants to imbibe the same values of Lily’s Florist to flower lovers in Port Macquarie. 

When you want to reach out to the people special to you, you can call them, text them, or send them an email. However, communication should be more than words and letters when you send your heart’s intentions. Reach out to your family and friends better by sending them beautiful flowers by Lily’s Florist. Lily’s Florist delivers pre-ordered and same day flowers to your preferred locations in Port Macquarie, quick, easy, and always like family.

Get your Port Macquarie flowers delivered the same day by placing your orders before 2 PM on Mondays to Fridays and prior to 10 AM on Saturdays.

Most preferred flower experts in Port Macquarie

Lily’s Florist makes sure that our team of network partners that are well-trained in the art of floristry and has a passion for flowers that can fuel their profession in the field of flower arrangement and delivery. Each flower gift is handcrafted by talented partners to reflect what your heart wants to say may it be a greeting of a happy birthday, a gesture of love during an anniversary, or a comforting message of sympathy. We want to make sure that the Port Macquarie flowers we produce serve its purpose of bridging you to other people because flowers don’t only beautify – it also makes people feel special.

Our flowers like Gerberas, Orchids, Roses, Lilies and Daisies are all sourced from local farms. After its harvest and arrangement, our reliable couriers who are well-adept in flower handling take over to deliver fresh flower gifts to the doorstep of your family and friends.  We take care of our flowers like how we take care of our patrons because you are as special as the Port Macquarie flowers we give you. No matter where you may be, you are assured of a great customer service anytime, anywhere.

Delivering happiness through flowers by Lily’s Florist

Do you know someone residing or staying at Port Macquarie? Let them know you remember them. Lily’s Port Florist lets you connect with people you care about fast and easy.

Lily’s Port Florist Offers and Flower Collection

If you need something unique when sending flowers, you can count on Lily’s Port Florist, we assure you that the designs we make represent the colours of life that flowers can truly embody. We have what you need, anytime, anywhere, and available on-demand.

Fresh Port Macquarie flowers in all forms

When our florists apply their talents into our flowers, stories come to life through our flower creations. Lily’s Florist leaves no one out and has something for every kind of person and every kind of occasion.

Bouquets. Our flower bouquets are arranged to express and impress. The most emotional connections are of love and when you want to express your love to someone, our flower bouquets can do the job for you. It will also amaze your loved one because of its intricate designs and blend of colors.

Bunches and Posies.  Our flower bunches and posies always emit a friendly vibe to anyone who receives it. Send it to a friend or an acquaintance and you will surely be appreciated for our simple yet sweet looking bunches and posies.

Flowers with vases, boxes, baskets. Maybe you want to send something decorative; you can opt for our Port Macquarie flowers that are presented inside stylish vases, creative boxes, and hand-woven baskets. These are low maintenance and can be sent to your next door neighbour or your grandparents whom you haven’t seen for so long.

Hampers. This is one of our most fun products. Lily’s Florist hampers are perfect for children and those who love receiving assorted items all at once. Our flower hampers are full of freebies and you can just imagine the joy you’ll bring to someone when you send these to them.

SALE all you can by Lily’s Florist

Are you looking for something that is friendly to the pockets? Like what we said, here at Lily’s Florist, we have flowers that suit any occasion and suit any kind of budget you have. Our FLOWERS ON SALE can be purchased at any time of the day. You can save up to $21 and still get a great deal of flower packages that can come with free chocolates, vases, boxes, balloons, wine, and even teddy bears! You can also try our Thank You Package with fruit basket for any gesture of gratitude you want to extend.

We also have our very popular VIP Port flowers slashed at a 15% DISCOUNT. Our discounted VIP flowers are unlike anything you have seen. These can be availed by using our voucher code when you shop with us.

If by any chance you need to send flowers with a limited budget of $50, then we are your guy. Lily’s Florist has exquisite flowers UNDER $50.  You can get the finest flowers starting at $28. This is one of our customers’ favourite offers because of you can still get the best flower creations at such low cost.

Now if you want some excitement or maybe you don’t have the time to search for flowers in our website, you can select our DEAL OF THE DAY. Our Deal of the Day offers a combination of seasonal flowers which are arranged to create refreshing flower gifts at an affordable cost brought to you by our dedicated florists. Our Deal of the Day is available for our Sympathy Flowers, Get Well Flowers, Birthday Flowers, and in other product categories.

Find relief in flowers

Flowers can truly be therapeutic to those who are ill, recovering, or receiving treatment. Send your message of comfort to your loved ones and friends in Port Macquarie who are in need of additional care and support. Lily’s Florist sends same day get well flowers to homes and hospitals.

> Bright Mixed Flowers – uplift the mood of your sick loved one by sending our bestselling flower gift. This flower gift contains a generous amount of purple flowers combined with refreshing greens, lovely pinks, and cheery yellow blossoms. Happier days are sure to come with this vibrant set of flowers.

> Australian Natives – this is the kind of flower posy that would definitely bring nature closer to your loved ones and friends who are not feeling well. The variety of Australia’s best native flowers absolutely looks lovely and will truly help in better recovery.

> 2 Lily Stems in a Vase – at $42, you can get this simple yet charming flower gift consisting of pretty Lilies placed inside a keepsake vase. The colour of Lilies may vary depending on the availability of the flower stock.  

You can find more of these comforting flower packages in our Get Well Flowers section. We also send same day flowers to hospitals in including Port Macquarie Base Hospital.

Spend the best birthdays with flowers

Our Birthday Flowers are designed to make birthday celebrations grander and more special.
  • Colourful Bunch with Free Chocolates – surprise a birthday celebrator with a vibrant mix of seasonal flower bunch  plus yummy chocolates
  • Native Box + 2 Beers + Packet of Nuts – have a simple night-out on your friend’s birthday and give her this enchanting mix of flowers while chilling with two beers and a packet of nuts to fill the tummy
  • 3 Wrapped Gerberas + Packet of Lollies + Teddy Bears – if your friend or special someone loves cuddly and sweet things then this is an awesome birthday gift for him or her. Teddy Bears, lollies, and 3 Gerberas that spell I Love You, what more can you as for? Sweetest birthday gift ever!
  • Celebration Package with Free Vase – this grand birthday flower package also comes with free chocolates and some sparkling
Fun floral experience for Babies and Kids

Flowers are also for kids especially the newborn babies. Besides hugs and kisses, you can also gift them with flowers plus delightful freebies.
  • New Baby Packages – our new baby packages have designs that are for boys and girls. Greet a mother of a newborn baby with this gift which consists of a boxed pink or blue flowers, teddy bears, and cute balloons.
  • Baby Hampers – our baby hampers are best for babies and mommies. Aside from perky freebies such as teddy bears and balloons, it also has free baby bath products for that little bundle of joy. There are also chocolates for the new mother! This package is available for both baby boys and girls.
  • 3 Wrapped Gerberas + Teddy Bears + Lollies + Balloons – the name says it all, this is the perfect flower gift for events like gender announcements and baby showers. Cute, cuddly and charming Gerberas will absolutely wrap any baby celebration with enjoyment.
  • Stationery Hamper of Kids – kids will squeal with delight when they receive our kid’s stationery hampers. It is a basket with their favourite things like pencils, stickers, and coloring books all collected inside a nice basket.
Lovelier weddings with flowers by Lily’s Florist
Flowers make all things beautiful especially weddings where love transpires in every corner of the wedding place. Lily’s Florist has abundant variations of buttonholes, corsages, bridesmaid flowers, flower girl posies, and bridal bouquets.
  • Soft Pink Rose Buttonhole – also called a boutonniere, this attractive floral ornament is perfect for the groomsmen and the groom himself. Aside from this soft pink flower rose bud, our buttonholes also come in different flower variants such as Citrus and Pink, White Rose, White Lily, Bright Seasonal, and Yellow Rose
  • Red Rose Corsage – a very special rosy wrist accessory, this red rose corsage is an attractive emblem of womanhood and love especially for the women included in the entourage. Our corsages also come in Hot Pink Gerbera, Australian Native, White Rose, and White Lily.
  • Bright Seasonal Flower Girl Bouquet – a bouquet of flowers for the little flower girls, this variation is comprised of a combination of seasonal flowers designed by our skilled florists. Choose among our flower girl bouquets like White Rose, White Lily, and Red Rose.
  • Australian Native Bridesmaid Bouquet - a unique set of Australian native flowers for the charming bridesmaids. Take a pick from our bridesmaid bouquet collection like Citrus and Pink and Yellow Rose.
  • White Lily Bridal Bouquet - perfectly designed for the blushing brides, this beautiful set of Lilies will surely complement this unforgettable wedding ceremony. Other bridal bouquet variants are Citrus and Pink, Red Rose, White Rose, and Yellow Rose.
Get our wedding flowers in bulk or retail. Leave your special instructions on the Card Message Option as you check out. We do deliveries all week except Sundays.

Comfort a sad heart with Sympathy Flowers

A moment of mourning surely needs a load of comforting. If you know someone who is currently suffering a loss of a loved one, now is the time for you to express your heartfelt condolences through flowers.
  • Wreath with Pink Tones – a flourishing wreath embraced with pink flowers to console a grieving heart. We also have White Wreath, Wreath with White and Purple Tones, and Country Wreath.
  • Pink Lily & Rose Sheath – lush foliage of greens and Pink Lilies arranged in a sheath to give comfort to someone experiencing melancholy after losing someone. Our sheath variants are Pink Rose and Orange Flower among others.
  • Casket Spray of Creams and Blues – send your condolences and soothe a mourning heart, this mix of blue iris and cream carnations is a lovely tribute to some who just passed away. You can also choose our Classic Casket Spray or Red Rose.
  • Remembrance Basket – a basket full of colourful flowers to celebrate the life that was of a special person one has lost.
Our wreaths and sheaths come in flower variations. Lily’s Florist delivers sympathy flowers to funeral homes and cemeteries in Port Macquarie.
Feel the joy of giving flowers by Lily’s Florist

Giving flowers from the heart always turns something ordinary to something unforgettable. Receiving flowers does the same thing and that is what Lily’s Port Florist wants to accomplish every day. Send flowers to your family and friends in Port Macquarie by simply going to our website using your smart phones, tablets, or desktop computers and browse through our updated catalogue of flower gift collection.

You can use our website’s flower finder if you need any help or advice on your flower choice or if you have any special instructions on your order. After ordering, you can immediately pay online via credit card or Paypal. Rest assured that all your personal information is protected from phishing activities.

Begin delightful days at Port Macquarie, send flowers now by Lily’s Florist - where flowers and people make new memories together.